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Outlook integration
Is there coming a plug in for Outlook?
Hi! Currently you can subscribe Outlook calendar in TickTick.
can you send email to create task in tick tick? Is there Outlook integration to drag an email to tick tick to create task. Trying to decide if I move from Wunderlist to Tick Tick
Hello Chuck,

Thanks for contacting us. We do support to create tasks via email, but the drag feature is not available at the moment. We'd recommend you to give TickTick a try and explore more exciting features with us. Let us know if you have further questions. Cheers.
How do you subscribe outlook calendar in tick tick?
Chuck, go to TICK TICK facebook page. I list instructions on sycing your outlook tasks in TICK TICK. Not native to the app but there is a workaround.
Rich, go to settings, calendar/email. Copy your outlook URL to TICK TICK. Works great.

I am currently using Wunderlist and am seriously considering TickTick. I am using Outlook at office and have been tracking outlook email action items in Wunderlist. If TickTick can provide similar feature, I am willing to upgrade to TickTick Pro.
I was trying to find the facebook where you put the instruction on syncing outlook task in Ticktick, but cannot find it. Could you drop it here maybe?
I see how to add Outlook to TickTick, but not how to add the TickTick calendar to Outlook (or any other calendar for that matter). Does TickTick not provide an ical type link for its calendar to use in other calendar apps?
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