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Location Reminders not working
Hi, I can't seem to get location reminders to trigger. I can set them ok, the phone can tell my current location ok. I have background app refresh and location services turned on. Normal reminders (time based) work ok, but leaving or arriving in an area that should trigger a location reminder don't work at all.

I'm on IOS 9.2.1.
Sorry for your inconvenience . We'll look into this issue asap.
Any update on this?
Any update on this please?
Hi, this has been annoying me as well.
The Location reminder is very unreliable.

It does fire off from time to time, but it is too random

Whereas Todoist location reminder works well for me.

I suspect somthing to do with when it polls for the location info in the background?
Honestly, I have been a long time user and yes, the reminders for locations are very inconsistent. Other location based reminder apps work but Tick Tick seems to be erratic in this regards. However, the app is still an awesome app and hopefully they will figure it out eventually.
I have problem with location remainder too. I have Huawei P8, Android 6 with Czech location. Any issue?
I love TT, but may need to go back to todoist or todo-cloud because location-based alerts is a dealbreaker......
Hi All,
Sorry for the late reply. We've made some improvement for location reminders in the coming version 3.2.02 . Please pay attention to update info and see if you'll receive location reminders normally.
Hi Guys,
A fixed version 3.2.02 is already available in App Store now. Please update to have a try~
Hi, now, it is working. Good job!
Mine are not kicking there anything specific I need to do? Also what protocol are you using for location tracking? Thanks

My location reminders are not working on a consistent basis. It's really frustrating to say the least. Overall the app is second to none and keep up the good work.
And me
Still no fix for this? I'm running Version 4.4.03 on iOS 11.4. All permissions set properly and time-based reminders work. Location-based reminders simply never trigger. This is the one issue stopping me from purchasing a premium subscription. Otherwise, great work all around!
I'm also having this issue. Using the latest version of iOS and Tick Tick. Location reminders work on my Android tablet but not my iPhone.
Location reminders are not working at all for me on ios - agree this is a show stopper.
Hey guys,

Have noted the issue down and we will look into it asap.
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