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Do you have API so I can add task everywhere
TickTick for Android has an API doc available for anyone who want to integrate other apps with TickTick. The API doc can be read here
Do you have REST API?
The following link appears to be broken
Yes, can you please fix the URL or revise the document with the wrong URL. Better yet, send the URL in a response.
It looks like there's more API documentation at . However, when I try the first request, to get my API token (as described in sections/, with the command

curl -u "EMAIL:PASSWORD" -H 'User-Agent: MyCoolApp (SAMEEMAIL)'

I get
Bad credentials or user agent
(with no closing newline).

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Note that I usually log in via google account, and just now made the password used in that command.
A bit late to the party, but if I read your github/tick link correctly, this is not for TickTick, it's for tickspot, which is something different.
I've been following this for about a year now and you haven't answered anyone's questions except with an incorrect url. Can you provide the correct url to the documentation?
Hello Jim,

Sorry to keep you wait for so long. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a url. The incorrect one above was not provided by our staff either. This feature is not on the list of dev team at the moment. We do apologize for the inconvenience that has caused to you. Please let us know if you have further questions in regards to our app.
I have been a pro user for a while now. and really disappointed that no integration with ifttt or zapier exists. I am cancelling my pro membership and will be seeking other apps actively.

Apart from the ugly interface for toodledo it is one of the best task management tools.
I sort of gave up on this when you answered in March that you couldn't provide a link to a document for the API to your own app. I may be very ignorant but your response does not make any sense to me. Don't your developers have access to the API? Wendy states that the "incorrect [URL] one above was not provided by our staff either", however, the URL was provided in an posting signed by Wendy. This seems like a contradiction to me. Please explain: Is there or is there not an API? If there is where is the documentation and, if you don't know, can you please explain why you don't have documentation to your own application?
Are there any plans to enable an API so that I can add tasks to the Inbox via either Applescript or a web based API? (I can currently do this with Todoist but would be interested in Ticktick if it could do the same.)
Is there any news on having a rest api for the web?
Have been planning to provide open API in the dev team. No ETA yet but stay tuned.
That's nice to hear. Maybe the following topics should be closed/updated so that they don't mislead anyone or become dug out? This very topic wasn't the first on my search for API and integration.
Some of these topics are from over 5 years ago so I see the idea has been in the works, or at least thought about for a long time. Hopefully an API will soon be available.
Thanks for the service!
Hopefully an API will soon be available.
Waiting for the API!
Yip, bumping this. At least something read-only so we can integrate it with other tools.
This came out just today: – Interview with TickTick's CTO. First bullet point: API INTEGRATION.

So – fingers crossed for a timeline. :D
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