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The expected Web 2.0 comes!
The expected Web 2.0 comes! New UI, multiple themes, seeing task activities, easier switching between lists and tags etc. Organized life begins with ordered plan. It's time to place goals and tasks in such a productive to-do app and liberate your mind. Join us now!

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TickTick 2.0 for Web: Less Can be More
WOW! Awesome! THX! :-)
Congrats for the new UI, but at the moment it looks horrible on Firefox 42, as shown in this screenshot:

1. The "p" in "Completed" is cut-off, the same is true for the "y" in "Today" at "8". All entries in the sidebar seem to be misplaced.

2. Checkboxes are misplaced too.

3. Entries not centered.

4 & 5. Navigation bars are always shown, whether there is enough space or not.

6. Dito as 2.

7. Misplaced...

Hoping for a quick fix!
Hi dmt,
Thanks for your timely feedback. Can you give us the screenshots for above problems? You can send the screenshots and corresponding problem to
Thanks in advance!
My first post already contains the link to the screenshot:

Are you able to open it?
Black or dark theme is just partially applied!!! Left section of ticktick web becomes black or dark, rest all stays as it is.

I need full dark or black theme, same as in android app.
I'd like to second that the layout is broken in Firefox. On both Win 10 and Win 7 systems, the new layout looks great in Chrome, but horrible in Firefox. I am also seeing that the text is not centered vertically in the allotted space and appears at the top of the "row" almost on the dividing line.
The new UI doesn't work with printing the list. On the old UI, I was able to print an entire list on a page or two, the same list in the new UI prints in 50+ pages, due to hidden Icons being included on the print-out.
UPDATE: Printing from the "more" button at the top of the web page, next to the list title includes a PRINT option which works well.
Dark theme is not dark. Right side is still white.

"2.0" is also far less space-efficient. Larger font, more white space. I guess the "Less Can be More" slogan means less information takes up more space? I'd like less white space, smaller font, please. I have limited screen space.
Printing is broken - Confirmed. Takes 48 pages to print 25 items.

Document title of printed page is "about_blank". Should be the list title.
It does not work well, please, I need to work. Let a chance to use the previous version
I'd also like a chance to use the previous version while some of the formatting issues are being resolved. In Firefox ESR 38.4 the font size in the side bar seems huge. I was surprised to see how much smaller the font could be when I looked at dmt's screenshot above - that seems normal sized to me, but I don't know how I might achieve it for myself. Can we revert for a while?
This is looking great! Have you guys have been watching RTM's beta releases, perhaps? Maybe some software espionage going on?

In any case, one minor fix that I think will go a long way is moving the task detail footer (.td-footer) to the top. It's driving me nuts right now, so I Greasemonkey'd it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
^ That was simple CSS, in case anyone's interested. About 5 minutes of experimenting made TickTick usable for me.

.td-header {
padding: 6px 20px;
top: 48px;
height: 48px;
.td-footer {
top: 0;
border-bottom: 1px solid #ECECEC;
.td-body {
padding-top: 96px;
padding-bottom: 24px;
.td-footer .dropup {
top: 0px;
height: auto;
.td-footer .dropup .dropdown-menu {
top: 44px;
bottom: auto;
One more thing (that I may hack if you don't):

IMHO, tags and lists should both be persistently visible. Lists on top, tags on the bottom.
> IMHO, tags and lists should both be persistently visible. Lists on top, tags on the bottom.

Another quick style hack to fix the hidden tags issue.
Emphasis on "quick". I probably broke something.

/* persistent tag display */
[class*="l-tab-pane"] {
display: block;
I'm not very happy with new UI, all is ok but it's hard to see where are borders between days. Is it possible to add some kind of separation to have better view for taks and see which part is for which day? Now name of day is too small and there is no other separation I think in previous version it was better to see which tasks are in which day (
As I find annoyances, I'm just updating this style sheet (which I pull in with Greasemonkey).

I'm not doing anything fancy, only tweaks that are very quickly accessible with CSS. I assume they'll keep upgrading and any time I invest in this would be quickly rendered useless.

^ That means I'm unlikely to address @Marcin's very astute observation. Hopefully the TickTick team is good at addressing user comments ;-)
I didn't use the last version long enough to get the key sequences ... is there a reference available for the new set?
Love the new UI! Still hoping for a week view option in the calendar. Thanks again for such a great to do list app!
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