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how to use siri to add a task?
how to use siri to add a task?
Here's the steps:

1.Open TickTick on your iOS device.

2.Slide the screen to the right and tap the gear-shaped icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

3.Tap “Advanced Settings” > “Reminders & Siri”.

4.Enable “Siri Integration”.

After you enable Siri Integration, tasks you’ve created in Apple’s Reminders app and tasks you’ve created with Siri will be removed from Apple’s Reminders app and shown in TickTick’s Inbox.

You can also view the user guide:

Thanks for your support.
Hello I’ve tried everything to use Siri hands free. I have all settings correct. I added the shortcut phrase Add New Task In TickTick “ When I do this process Siri asks me to unlock my phone. When I do it open ups your app & takes it to start imputing my task. I have to press & hold the mic button to use Siri. Please help. I’ve messaged Wendy but now she doesn’t not reply anymore & idk why sadly
you can visit for help
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