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Support Inter-App Communication on iOS
Please add support for Inter-App Communication so that other apps can feed information into TickTick via URL Schemes.

Here's a link to the iOS documentation about Inter-App Communication:

I would like to use TickTick with a productivity app called Launch Center Pro ( and there are several others like it that would be supported via the same mechanism.

Thank you very much.
Further reading...
Thanks for sharing. We will take a look first :)
Any updates on this? Have URL schemes been added and if so, where could we find the documentation? Thanks!
I would also be interested in an update related to URL schemes. Any progress made in that direction? Any way to up vote requests like these?
Things 3 has just added a URL scheme feature. Any progress on our Ticktick's side? Look forward to it.
URL call back integration would really help but somehow developer is keep ignoring it. Neither app creates any URL for other apps nor any link to other apps link is clickable in the Ticktick. Please get this it is very handy especially emails to follow up.
Any updates on this?
URL scheme has been supported already. Please refer to the guide here and give it a try:
Well, it looks like it is not working. I have just created callback URL from the Bear app and inserted it into a task description in TickTick, and the link is just not clickable on iOS. It is working on Mac though.
Amy update on this. My initial script I wrote per your schema guide is not working. I can use a third party app to simply launch the app, but am wanting to write my own code based off your commands and want to ensure the guide is correct before spending too much time troubleshooting.

If I am not mistaken the x-callback-url is not working correctly. If I make a simple shortcut with url and x-callback-url action. It opens ticktick and do what it should but never go back to shortcuts.

The simple exemple using the doc exemple:
No update?
Any update?

I feel scammed moving to TickTick pro. Half the features advertised flat out don’t work.
I reached out on twitter. They tried to tell me no users have reported this issue! LOL!!
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