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Prevent pop up notifications in chrome browser
I usually add my tasks in my browser but 'mark as complete' on my iphone.

I check my tasks on my browser once or twice a day but after marking several tasks as complete on my iphone, by the end of the day when I check my browser, I have 7-10 popups for items that I have already marked as complete on my iphone.

How do I disable chrome notifications?

Hi Tayo,

Thanks for contacting us. You can disable notification by the following steps:

1. Click "Chrome-Notification" icon on the desktop status bar (at the bottom).

2. Click the gear-shaped icon to set notification for TickTick.
I have a mac and have no desktop status bar at the bottom.


Okay, then you can make some changes in Chrome Settings:

1. click the option menu (three short lines) on the top right of the browser.

2. click settings>click "show Advanced settings" at the bottom> "content settings"

3. Then you can change the settings under "Pop-up" and "Notification".

Sorry that doesnt work. I had already turned that off a while ago but click on the link below to see the screenshot of the popups I receive. Sometimes I log in at the end of the day and its like 5 or more of these and it is a hassle to have to close out everything when its already marked as done on my phone.

Thanks for your help!
Sorry for some reason I cant paste the link in here so I will send an email to with a reference to this topic.

Then we will help you via email later:-)
Did you find a solution to this? I have this problem as well that I've got a pile of those notifications to close on the webapp after marking them done on my phone.
Same here - I had blocked all TickTick notifications but still have to go thru all completed and snoozed everytime I open Chrome on my Mac.
Tried toggling between BLOCK and ALLOW and back to BLOCK. This worked for a few days then the notifications started coming again
I have the same issue, I simply refresh the page to get rid of the pile of notifications sitting on the chrome page.

The resolution Ticktick team is giving is for desktop notifications, not for the notifications that sit on the browser, these notifications are simply made redundant as they are not marked completed or snoozed as per the action taken on another platform such as mobile.

Lot of users have raised this issue, with no luck yet from the developers end.
Ticktick plz do something about this.
Agreed, Rahim.
Can someone tell me how to turn notifications on? Or something that enables me to easily / quickly get notificed see when someone has posted a comment on one of my lists?
Same issue here. Can we, at minimum at least get the web app to sync with the iOS app when it comes to task status? Each time I open the web app in chrome, I get every reminder since the last time I opened it, irregardless of the task's real status (updated in the iOS).
Of course, before this, I would like the ability to collapse/expand custom views again since that functionality was taken out for some reason that cannot be explained. Ugh
Hi John,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll look into this issue and fix it asap.
Any update? It seems this is causing me a lot of unnecessary hassle.
Yes, a way to turn off reminders (not notifications) in the browser is required please.
Is there any update on this?
This is very annoying and is stopping me using the chrome extension.
Would be much better just to better sync the app with the web version.
Please, please fix this because getting incessant reminder popups is driving me insane!
Hello Sara,

Could you specify your issue? Are you having the exact same issue as Tayo had?
Looks like it has to stop me using the Chrome extension also..?
I'm currently receiving double notifications - from MACApp and Chrome.
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