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Different timezones for shared lists

When a task exist in a shared folder and is displayed on two devices with different time zones, the due date is shifted one day without any reason. Only the time shall be shifted according to the time zone difference!

Also, when DST get activated/deactivated... tasks with no time set are shifted by one day and tasks with time set are shifted by 1 hour!!

This is the same bug as in this topic:
Hi Ahmed El-Serafy,

Sorry for my late reply. We are looking into it, and I will get back to you soon.
Any updates?
The same bug is reproducible when DST is activated in any of the views. However, this happens even with non-shared lists.

For example, DST was enabled by mistake by windows, tasks are shifted with one day than they should be. Again, why is TickTick connected to the local time on the machine?! What is the use of the time zone setting in the account preferences? I'm pretty sure that we went through this discussion about a year ago...!!
Hi Ahmed El-Serafy,

Due date will be shifted according to different timezone.

Could you provide me with more info about this issue? For example, you can tell me the due date a shared task, your timezone and your friends etc.

This issue is still present till now!
My timezone is GMT+1 and my friend's timezone is GMT+2.
Hi Ahmed,
As there is no option to set time zone for TickTick, TickTick will follow the timezone of devices.
The time zone for you and your friend is different, so you'll see different time for tasks.
Different times are fine if they correspond to the timezone difference. But what actually happens is that they have different due dates regardless to when we are in the day
I think I may have a pattern. Tasks that have time set have the proper date and time relative to the time zone set per device.

However, tasks that don't have time set suffer from the bug described earlier! Does ticktick set a time in background for such tasks? Because this maybe the issue...
Hi Ahmed,
Yes, due to time zone, tasks which have specific will have proper date while all-day tasks will have the issue.
Since TickTick doesn't have time zone setting itself, it follows the time zone of uer's devce.
I'll transfer this to our product team and see we can make some improvements in our side.
Hello Wendy,

I would appreciate fixing this soon since I have enough with this bug for at least 2 years!

Any updates in this?
Hello again!

Any updates?
BTW, it's nice at all to ignore your users... aside from them being paying users!
to be done asap. When travelling and changing timezones - only time specified tasks should change the time, not date
Hello again!!
Any updates on this?!
I have a similar issue (which I've also had with Remember the Milk; I was hoping that TickTick would avoid the issue, but it has not). I live in UTC-5, but work for a company in UTC-6, so I have my work laptop set to UTC-6. When I add tasks on my work laptop with a due date of today, they show up as being due tomorrow on my other devices. Conversely, tasks added for today on my other devices show up as overdue on my work laptop.

I'd guess both TickTick and RTM use the local time's midnight timestamp for a given "all day" task's due date. I'd instead suggest having a separate field that has the UTC timestamp for the due date for "all day" tasks and reserve the localtime field for tasks that have a time-of-day component. It's a pretty big change, and the RTM people basically said that they wouldn't consider it; they maintain that they didn't support having devices across multiple time zones. I hope that the TickTick team is able to address this issue as I'd like to start using TickTick as my primary TDL app...
I used RTM for 6 months and didn't notice the issue. Did they confirm it and reply that they won't fix it? Or did they just ignore u like the guys here?
They replied, but didn't really seem to understand the problem. I got tired of trying to explain it and decided to try other apps. Your issue might not be exactly the same as mine, but it certainly sounded related. If all-day tasks use UTC, then we likely wouldn't see issues when our devices' time zones change.
Any updates?
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