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IFTTT Support for Amazon Echo
I would love to see formal support for IFTTT. With this support added you can use Amazon Echo to add tasks or Siri to add asks.

Please consider.
Yes, it will be considered:-)
I too would love to forward Amazon Echo shopping and todo lists to TickTick.
Amazon Echo (hardware) and Alexa (Voice API) currently support:
* Todoist
* Evernote
* OneNote

I've temporarily switched to Todoist because the Echo is the ultimate way to avoid forgetting items I need to add to my lists. I'd really like to see TickTick supported in the future!
Looking at Todoist only because it has IFTTT support but deep in my heart I know ticktick is the one for me.

Hopefully IFTTT support comes soon.
I've ?temporarily? switched to the new version of Todoist as well, for the same reason.

The new version of Todoist is very nice, but I prefer TickTick (possibly because I'm just more accustomed to TickTick).

For me it was a required switch because it's so much more effective to have IFTTT/Amazon Echo (Alexa) integration that it warranted the switch.
Yeah, I'm looking to go pro with one task manager soon after trying a bunch of them out and IFTTT integration is a big selling point.
I had Todoist for over a year and I'm much, much happier with TickTick, but you guys need integrations badly. I have posted here before about Zapier and IFTTT, if you add this functionality TickTick just smokes everything else out there (and I've tried every GTD/task management app you can find).
I totally agree with Bob Gill. I also tried a lot, the longest - Todoist. When I saw that TD turns on integration with IFTTT I tried to go back but I fast back to you. But I still miss integration...
Guys, I think you can use IFTTT (and thus echo) with Tick Tick already. It's not exactly straight forward (it adds via email) but seems to work for me. I don't have an echo yet so didn't try to create one for it, but I did try the one that creates tasks when you star an email in Gmail. works pretty slick.

You will need to check your unique tick tick email address -

Curious what other recipes you guys will create..

I use it, but that is not enough for me. I would like to add new tasks via email as I type it in win app (with # * ^)
OK, I got my echo and I use it all the time. The IFTTT echo ->email -> ticktick integration I described above doesn't really work for me.

It would be so cool (and quite a selling point I think) if you could integrate with echo:

Native IFTTT would be awesome too but I think you have to sign up for that or something to get a channel on their platfrom (?)
After getting an Echo, I am in the process yet again of checking out ToDoist b/c it integrates with things that TickTick does not. Please please please add this feature to Tick Tick so many of us don't have to move to another app!

However, there is a way Alexa can do this for iOS users, but it is a rather clunky three way hop:

Alexa To Do > IFTTT Alexa to iOS Reminders > iOS Reminders to Tick Tick (Siri integration setting in Tick Tick app)

What I dislike is that it does not capture date, time, reminder like from iOS or the Tick Tick app.

+1, I would love to see the TickTick Integration with Alexa. Please consider it. If Possible please share more info about your plans regarding this request.
+1. Just started on Echo Dot (Alexa) and TickTick being my primary app for reminders would love to see an Alexa Skill for it. I am an API Developer and Tech Enthusiast and would love to collaborate (for Free) with TickTick Dev team in order to create an Alexa skill integration. Ping me at if u'd like me in
+1 I have just had an annual renewal go through for ticktick . I had decided to go to todoist if we didn't get it sorted by today but I am now stuck for a year .

Please get integration resolved. I will temporarily use todoist and look back in February but TT need to know this will become a deal breaker for people if they don't get on board.
+1 - API and IFTTT/Alexa capabilities for TickTick
I agree with ALL these posts, please, please integrate TickTick with Echo Dot. I really do not want to switch Todo Apps. I note that Any.Do has now just launched an integration. Surely this can be done easily.
+1 echo integration. Love TickTick and everything that has already been done.
Hello guys,

Thanks for contacting us. We will implement each integration by steps. It's a matter of time and we apologise for not being able to provide an exact date on it. Let us know if you have further questions.
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