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Cannot Delete Completed Tasks?
I used to be able to delete task by "grabbing" the are to the left of it and dragging to the trask, but that functionality does not seem to work anymore. Since I have repeating tasks that get completed each week, my list of completed items is getting large and I want to permanently delete them.
Hi Ken Murray,

Sorry about that. We will look into it soon, and I will get back to you if a fix is available.

We have just released a new version, and this issue should be fixed. Sorry for inconvenience. If you still have any further issues, please let me know.
hi I cannot seem to delete lists from the tick tick web app. can you please advise?
In my opinion it is not enough to be able to delete completed tasks manually, choosing them individually to the batch. I have been searching for an option to delete all completed at once (when requested), or to automatically delete for example all older than a week (or even month), is there really no such option???

I use ticktick even for daily tasks, so the completed list is indeed growing FAST.

When you drop your mouse pointer on a list, you will find a downward arrow, click it and then click "Delete" . Please have a try.
Hi Milja Hahto,

Thanks for your feedback. At present it is not available to delete all completed tasks at once. Your suggestion will be considered in our future updates.
+1 for a delete all completed tasks option.

There is a way to delete a group of completed tasks (from a computer, I didn't try on another device). Click on the first completed task, scroll down to the last completed task, press shift and click on the last completed task (should highlight the entire list), then go over to the trash icon and click on it. This worked for me.
good tip sabr...@ - it worked foe me
+1 for a delete all completed task option. I too use the app for daily tasks...

+1 for delete completed tasks. Coming from G-Tasks, this is one of the few features I find to be missing.
+2 here - for my sister and me! She's migrating from G-tasks and can't because she has too many completed tasks.

Have you tried "Hide/Show Completed" ?
+1 for "clear completed tasks" such as G-Tasks had
+1 for "delete completed tasks"
Deleting all completed tasks manually, or after a user set time, f.i. month, would be awesome!
I'm still looking for this delete all completed tasks at once, on any version of the app for destop use.
Okay, yes I can drag a set of selected completed tasks to the Trash. A shortcut would be nice, though I can see why there isn't a shortcut, in case one accidentally notates a task as completed when it really wasn't.
I'm also waiting to be able to delete all completed tasks from the mobile app. Seems a bit silly that such a basic feature is still missing. Please bump it up your priority list!
i'm not often using computer, need to clear completed manually is tired.
after completed the task, i dont need it anymore, now i have tons of completed tasks.
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