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Email to my "Todo" address doesn't work with BCC field
When I send an email to my tick tick account using the "todo" email address it works fine if I use the "To" address. However, there are times I want to use the "BCC" field to track a response on an email, when I don't want the recipient to know I have sent this to Tick Tick. Unfortunately, Tick Tick does not add items to my inbox when I use the "BCC" field.

Is this a bug or a feature not yet implemented?
Hi Ross Goldberg,

Normally tasks can be sent to your inbox when you use "BCC" field. I tried it in my side, and it worked well.

We will look into it and I will get back to you later.
FYI, today I am not receiving emails sent to the "To" address either from another account (using the full email address with the unique recipient name). From my Tick Tick account email address sending using the "To" address works fine.

Hi Ross,

If you use other email accounts (not TickTick account) to create tasks, you should sent email to a more completed addresses like "", which is generated based on your TickTick account.
Yes, that is what I am using. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work.

Also with me emails sent to the mail service via BCC to do not generate any tasks. Emails sent via TO or via CC correctly generate tasks.

My sender address is not the email address used to login to TickTick.

Please help.

I have a similar problem here. I need to track responses of my vendors so I put the todo email address in the BCC field to track pending responses. This didn't work. The message only appears in my Inbox when I put the todo email in the TO field. Please help. Thank you.

Thanks for contacting us. We are looking into this issue, and I will get back to you if any updated info is available.
Sorry to bug you on this but putting the email reminder on bcc to track responses still doesn't work. I use this quite frequently to track responses from both customer and supplier. This is why I subscribed to the Premium service of TickTick too. Is anyone figuring this out? Thank you.
Will this matter ever be resolved?
It is highly unprofessional to put the whole 'complicated' tick tick email address in the Cc field when sending out emails.
Please advise whether TickTick are interested in developing the software further or whether we should go elsewhere for task management software.
Thank you
As you can see, my message from 2015 still seems to be unresolved. It's annoying but... I'm learning to love with it, to be honest. I still hope this gets fixed
Dear Jeanette,
We confirmed that using BCC of some E-mail to create tasks doesn't work ideally.
We recommend you try to "send" or"CC".
Thanks for support and understanding ^-^
Hi Wendy.

Thank you for getting back to me but I think it would be ideal if this problem is addressed and resolved. I have enough emails and things to do that another sending would be extra work. Hope you can fix this because I believe it used to work when I first started using tick tick years ago. Thank you.
Is there any plan and ETA when the BCC functionality will work? cc: is highly unprofessional. For me it is a knock out criteria - if there is no plan to fix this I need to switch products.
Forwarding an email (so using TO not BCC) is not working for me today. Tried it with a small email and a large email and neither were created as tasks.

Please look into this issue.
It still doesn't work

Correction: It works, with delay, from the primary email address if you bcc If you use the address from another email address it doesn't work.
Why the BCC is important. Just like I feared, when I place the ticktick unique email in the email under CC: the person I assigned the task to - did a reply all and send the same task to my inbox. This is not a deal breaker for me does cause additional work to have to forward the task without other names on the email. This is the only Task Manager that I know where you can't use the BCC to create a task. Sorry TickTick, love your product but please correct this little time deduction and security issue (I don't want people knowing my Unique email address).. Seems from reading this blog that has been an outstanding issue for a long time. I found it "day 1" without even trying. Thanks - Dr. Ted
The issue still exists. Given that every user has a unique delivery inbox, I do not understand why it doesn't work with BCC field.
can I use more than one of my email addresses to send an email to my to-do list, like I can with wunderlist? That would be the most important for me and unfortunately, is a deal breaker. I would be happy to sign up for the premium if it would work. I do not like using the "generated email". would love to just send to the to do from any of my email addresses, but that does not seem to be the case?
Has there been any movement on this topic from the Dev team? I have been using TickTick for over a month now, moved over from Todoist. I love your product, but this issue is the only thing making me consider switching back to Todoist. Will emailing our inbox via the BCC field ever get implemented? Thanks, Dan
It's been 2 years since I brought up my issue with the BCC field. I used to be a Premium user but since this issue still seems to be unresolved, there doesn't seem to be any value anymore to being a premium user
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