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I love having tags. However, the hash tags are lots of times in emails I receive at work and then they are turned into tags and I can't get rid of them unless I delete the email/task. Any idea how to stop this?
Hi Randy.

Did you mean you use "Add to TickTick" to convert email into tasks or? Could you describe more about your issue?
I emailed the task to TickTick. In the body of the email, it comes across as HTML and apparently it's picking up the coding, like, #0c0009 and makes it a tag.
Hi Randy,

Thank you for your feedback.

If possible, could you tell me the email address that you sent to? or another one? And could you tell me how to reproduce your issue? Because I have tried it in my side. And I didn't find anything like #0c0009 in my task. So I guess the subject or the content of your email caused the issue. Could you tell me what did you enter in the email?

Here is a link for you to better understand this feature:
Have the same issue of random tags appearing after hashtags appear in any email I send to Ticktick. There should be an option to not have this happen as Ticktick does not allow batch deleting of tags which means I had to manually delete 45 tags that I did not create!
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