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Add documents from Google Drive

I've been using another task manager app and I was thought on give a try to TickTick.

My overall impression: both Android and Chrome extension provide a handy workflow, being very well designed in aesthetics and functionality.

The only drawback: TickTick doesn't allow to attach documents from Google Drive.

Could you inform if integration to Google Drive is a feature to be implement soon? Or it isn't in the roadmap?

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your suggestion :-)

We have added it to our consideration list. It might not be a short-term goal, but it will be definitely considered and evaluated in the future.
I would also find this useful.
I'm very surprised that there are not so much requests for that feature.
Would be great to have a Google Drive integration and I would upgrade to premium to use it :)
Thanks so much for the feedback. We'll transfer your request to our product team.
Any news?
Really need this.
+1. I'd love to be able to use with Google Drive and Drop Box. Thanks
Any more word on Google Drive and or OneDrive integration. Seems like quite a while since the last update
Hello guys,

Sorry to keep you wait for so long. To support his integration is indeed on our team's list of to-dos. However, I'm afraid this cannot be handled in a short term scheduling. We apologise for any of the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.
I really think you should make a integration first. it really is must needed feature now.
I am deciding between Asana and Ticktick, and Google Drive integration would be key.
A workaround I am using so far is to copy and paste the Google Drive hyperlink for the document into the description field.
+1. I'd love to be able to use it with all the majority Cloud Services, namely Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.
Any news????? I really nedd it....
Another vote here.
anynews on this? workAround for me , copy paste the GoogleDrive link in the comment section
Not to crap on anyone else's request, but both TickTick and Drive are cloud services. Copying from one cloud to another? I don't see the point. Seems like a very minor convenience to me. I suppose if all you ever use is cloud storage for everything, maybe. That's a whole other can of worms though.

I guess I'm just coming from the camp that says 'do one thing and do it well'. TickTick is for lists, and it does it very, very well. I love it. I just wouldn't want to see it turn into a bloated monster like so many other applications. Plus, if you had to choose between 100% server uptime, or Google Drive attachments, which would you rather have? I'd opt for reliability. I think some focus needs to be put there, personally.
Vote for Google Drive integration
Would love to see this feature.
+1 vote for me. Granted it would make things more convenient but it is not absolutely necessary. But i would still like it.
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