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Repeated task don't appear in the list/calendar

I set one task to repeat twice

Repeat => Advanced => Ends on date

It should repeat on February 23 and March 2

But I can see listed just the task from February 23. See image:

However, it would be desirable to see both tasks (February 23 and March 2), mainly because I need to plan my work schedule in advance and if March 2 doesn't appear in my list/calendar is like an empty schedule which isn't true.

Could you please tell me how to make to all the programmed repeated tasks appear in TickTick list/calendar, avoiding false empty schedule?

Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your image:-)

The situation is exactly what you described. Only when you check off the task which due date is Feb.23, does a new task with due date on March 2 will automatically appear.

I quite understand your requirement, because you only have two due dates for a task. However, just imagine if you have a recurring task which should repeat on every Monday within a year, and in your logic you will see a lot of due dates for a task in the task detailed page.... which would be complicated.

Well, I think it is reasonable to display all the recurring tasks in "Calendar view", and we will consider its feasibility in the future.

Thank your again for your suggestion:-)

"it is reasonable to display all the recurring tasks in "Calendar view", and we will consider its feasibility in the future".

I think this feature could work as a simple filter in any interface, not only in the calendar => show ALL REPEATED tasks / hide REPEATED tasks.

This would be great since TickTick is an app to plan stuff. If you can't view what is in the future roadmap, so what is the sense of planning? By the way, this is a lack in all task managers I've known and if TickTick could provide a workaround on this issue it would be a terrific differential from the others.

All the best with the development of this amazing app!
Hi Carlos,

I would like to note down your suggestion first, and later we will evaluate its feasibility. Many thanks:-)

If you have any other suggestions or issues, please feel free to ask.
Hi Wendy,

I am facing a situation in which the lack of future registers of a "repeated task" is causing trouble.

I teach a class every week during 3 months, in a total of 12 classes. They are already schedule and not seeing them in TickTick causes trouble when planing another tasks. A workaround would be to set it in my calendar and just accompany in TickTick, but the shortcoming is that I couldn't add these calendar events to the TickTick list I manage my academic stuff. Plus, I like to use TickTick right panel to take notes of my class planning, create lists of activities I will use in the class.

Another situation would be the payment of regular bills (e.g. telephone, internet, water). Let's say I don't pay the bill this month and so I won't check it in TickTick. So next month bill should be paid, but it won't be registered and appear since the former month bill wasn't checked. I want to pay next month bill, but last month bill was too expensive I could not afford it for a while. Again, not see the spread of future repeated tasks in TickTick doesn't fit a real world situation.

Former I suggested to handle this situation using a simple filter in any interface, show ALL REPEATED tasks / hide REPEATED tasks.

Another suggestion (maybe they could work together) is when setting the "repeat" parameters of a task, to provide a checkbox "show all programmed repeated tasks". So the tasks would appear in all interfaces, be it the lists or the calendar view.

I understand some users may want a clean, neat lists of tasks and to see all tasks programmed to be repeated could be an additional option provided by TickTick to other users who have the needs I described above.

Hi Carlos,

I really appreciate your detailed explanation and it do help me better understand your requirement.

1. I feel regret that the calendar events you subscribed in TickTick is ready-only. I quite understand your requirement and we will analyze the situation you mentioned and try to come up with some workaround if possible.

2. The form of recurring tasks is always a hot topic. You suggestion, "show or hide", might be a possible solution that can satisfy most of the users. However, it still needs further evaluation.

Thank you again for your effort Carlos:)
Hi Wendy,

It sounds the suggestion "show or hide" would be the best solution indeed.

I would like to request this function as well.

I have found an annoying work around. If you check off each date like you're completed it and then go to your completed tasks and uncheck them, they will show up for each day.
I would like to request this function as well.
I would also like to request this function.
I would also like to request this function. I have just started using TickTick, and love it but not being able to see future repeating tasks in the Calendar view is an issue for me.
I'm with these others. Having the ability to see the repeated tasks, especially in calendar view is really necessary to plan things. If a client asks if I've got time next week, but I have something recurring, I just don't know. I *really* don't want to have to maintain two different calendars. It's been awhile since this was brought up last. Is there any movement on it?
Hi All,
Thanks a lot for your above suggestions and the detailed scenario.
Our product team will evaluate the feasibility. If there is any progress, I'll get back to you.
I would like to request this function as well. Actually it's impossible to use TickTick for planning without it. Thanks.
I am also requesting (more like begging for) repeated tasks showing up in the future.

I need to plan out ideas and actions for each event, even ones far in the future. I have to either do the workaround someone else mentioned (checking off to create the new events and then unchecking each one) or not using the recurring feature at all and creating duplicate events instead, which is really tedious. This would be a very useful feature.
+1 for this!
One more. Come on :)

Edit: Just noticed this is implemented :) Fantastic.

Top right in calendar view => three dots => show all repeat cycles.
Niko, You just saved my marriage!
Aaahahahahah :)) I hope that's a good thing :)
the new feature ist great. But whats about the "next 7 days" View? Future repeat cycles does not shown in this view :(
Is there an option to aktivate it?
Please add the feature with future repeats to the TickTick calendar widget for Android. This is important for planning, and I really miss it.

Currently I need to open calendar in the app to view the future repeats. It diminishes value of the calendar widget, but it can be fixed by adding this feature.
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