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Font size - add an option "Small"
Currently, the font size options are "Normal" and "Large".
Consider to add the option "Small", for those who wish to view more words of each task.
Hi ,

Okay, I get your point :)
Agreed. Even having to wear reading glasses, farsighted, I prefer smaller text. People complain about my computer, 1600X1280.

Smaller text man's more on the screen.
OK, the ability of change font to a smaller size has been added in our waiting list.
I would suggest making the font of the notification smaller so that you can fit three lines like this:

Follow up with Peter and Mary on 2015
project plans
Hi ,

Thank you for your feedback.

Do you mean the first line is the subtask and the second line is the task? Or ..?
I would suggest this be a user setting - some prefer the type large, some small, don't make it universal. Even better if the typeface and linespacing (so you could adjust how many lines fit on a screen) could be adjusted, as well as the checkbox (some to do apps use nice, large circles). For fonts, Google fonts would provide much wider and more appealing choices than the standard, boring, ugly system fonts.
+1 Don Nissen
standard font is boring, ugly

We will implement the small font for Android app in future updates.
Some notice about this implement?
Questions from 2015 year. It is not good. Users waiting for this functions!!!
some progress on this subject ???
Any update on this function?
Hi guys,

Sorry no immediate plans to support it yet.
We will implement.
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