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Reminder email message

I start use TickTick. I created task with reminder on 2015-01-27 at 12:00. At this hour (12:00) system showed notification, but didn't send email message. So I have question: Does ticktick have support for sending email message as reminder?

I feel regret that TickTick doesn't have this feature at present.

Well, as for features about email, you can send your tasks or lists to others by email, and you can create a task by email. Have a try :)
Yeah, I know about creating task by sending email, but this feature is unnecessary for my needs :)

Generally I tested a few task manager application from two days, and TickTick fared very well versus other apps. But sending notification (reminder) as email message in my opinion should be base option :/

So, maybe anyone know when We can expect that option will be supported?

We will note it down first, and later evaluate its feasibility in our future updates.

Thank you again for your suggestion:)
+1 for e-mail notifications. Any updates on this?
Hi A. Rémy,

It hasn't been added in our current plan yet:-(

Has email reminder feature been implemented, or is it at least on the "Top Ten" list for TickTick features?

A year later, how is this going?!?
Hey guys,

I installed and tested 15 (yes 15) different todo list and task apps, including all the major apps, and all in all TickTick was the one I chose to use since it both had all the necessary features and is very user friendly, not to mention a gorgeous design.

All necessary features but one, email notifications, maybe not everyone will use them, but a lot of us do and at some points it would be a hassle not to have the option. Please let us know when we can expect this, hopefully it'll be at the top few additions you have planned.

And thanks for this great app.
Any news on this?
I'm sorry that this feature is not in our current plan. We'll further evaluate it.
Thanks all of you for the feedback ^-^
Also interested in this feature.

I would love to have this feature, too
This is so important for me... I would throw out Google Calendar if this is implemented. Please :)
+1 for this feature
Bump. Just moved from Wunderlist and kind of depended on email reminders a lot. It's not a deal breaker yet, but it will be soon. Any progress?
Hello guys,

Sorry to keep you wait for so long. And welcome to TickTick, Jonathan.

I'm glad to announce that to support email notifications is now on the list of our dev team. It shall be brought out in the next two to three month later version of us. Please be patient with us for a bit longer. Let us know if you have further questions. Cheers.
That's great!! This feature is important to many of us, and the lack of it made me swipe to Wunderlist in the past. I will give a new try to TickTick!
Hello Rodrigo,

Glad to see you back. We'll work real hard to make it happen in the shortest time. Thanks for your understanding and kind support. Let us know whenever you need us. Our team is always around (definitely not gonna retire like W).
Great to hear that you're moving forward with this!!
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