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Deleting List Items
TickTick is a very useful tool. However, I need to be able to delete Items from the LeftHand panel List section after the tasks have been completed. I can archive completed tasks but cannot find a way of cleaning up the List section.
Hi, SharkyW

Archived tasks will be removed from list automatically. So, if there is no undone tasks in list, you can click the downward arrow next to the list name and choose 'delete'.
Is there a way to clear all data from tick tick
Hi Donnie Mills,

If you want to clear the data from TickTick, you should delete all lists one by one, and then clear the trash.

By the way do you mind telling me the reason for clearing all data form TickTick? Did you meet some problems? I am glad to help you if possible:)
I have the same issue. I just imported from Wunderlist and most of the folders ended up duplicated. I have a LOT of folders, lists, and todos and it would take an extremely long time to delete them by hand one by one. I want to erase everything and try importing again to see if I can fix the problem.
Yes, I have the same issue with an import from wunderlist.
OMG, there is no way to select multiple lists??
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