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Website down
Can't login/use website. Suddenly it went to "infinitely loading." I deleted all cookies from *ticktick* and still get nothing but a TickTick logo and the animated three checkboxes beneath, forever, can't use web. What's up?
That was Chrome. Also tried a totally different browser (Firefox), same thing. Site is down.
For me everything works except the web app. Loads infinitely and Chrome shows the same error as the user in the other thread reported. Hope it gets fixed soon.
web site load infinitely for days now what is going on?
My chrome extension, iphone and ipad app all work but I can't load the website in ANY browser either. Started today for me.
The same to me
The website went down some two hours ago :-(
However, the android app works perfectly.
Hi all,
The issue should have been fixed.
Thanks for your feedback and help.
Works again! Great, thanks a lot!
I still see this issue on my Chrome, but the Chrome extension can work

We have already fixed the issue you mentioned.Please refresh the page.
If you meet any further questions, please feel free to ask. Keep in touch:)
I keep getting a connection not private error. Please fix. Help.
Bob Lee
Hi, for the last couple of days I can't access the TickTick webpage, it loads infinitely. I use Chrome on Windows 10, but it won't load in any other browser. Android app works and syncs alright.
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