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Can I forward an email to particular list?
I'm looking for a way to forward an email to ticktick, but have it land in a specific list. ex 'critical' vs 'read when you have time'. The forwarding works great in general. I just sometimes forget to check my inbox if there isn't a date assigned to it.
Thx for your feedback. We've noted it down for reference.
I agree that this would be a welcome feature, and unless I haven't figured out how to do it yet it would be useful to be able to set a specific date for the reminder when sending the email so you don't have to go into TickTick to do that. Right now it seems that email reminders get saved for the next day only.
I need this desperately
Yes, setting not only a specific group, but a day/time would be awesome!

Currently, due date and reminder time can be added on the subject line when sending email to create tasks. Others should be set within the app. We'll let you know if there's any update.
Whoaaaa! Looking forward to testing this feature. What syntax do I need to use?
You can email your tasks to, via your registered email.
The subject of the email will be the title of the task, while the content of the email will be task details. Beside, you can add date and reminder time to the email subject. For example, you can write “Go to Starbucks with Frank tomorrow 4pm” or “Go shopping 2/4 4pm” in the subject, then you will find this task in TickTick’s “Inbox” with due date (tomorrow or Feb 4) and reminder time (4 pm).

Quite amazing! Have atry! You'll like it!

More details about TickTick's mail service, please refer to:

Any updates on the feature to email directly into a LIST?
Use ^listname in the Subject. :)
Hi, could you please point me to a guide/list of all the possible syntax for adding in the subject of the task via email?
^listname does not work for me.
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