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Dates bug on Android

All dates set from the android app are off by one day.
- I set a certain task for today on the mobile app... it appears in the today list
- In the web view... it appears to be set for yesterday
- If I change the date from the web interface to today... it still appears as for today in the mobile app

The same scenario goes for all dates set form the mobile app!!
I'm using version 1.6.30
I seriously cannot see how this application is usable if i cannot set dates correctly!
Thx for your feedback. We're working on this issue.
Is there anything to do with the Time Zone?
My time zone is GMT+2, but currently summer time is one and I'm actually GMT+3
And the problem is still there... while it was functioning correctly a while ago

I'd like to note, AGAIN, that how would I ever know that you are waiting for any input from me if I don't get notified?!! Your question was posted 3 days ago, and I just saw it!
Plus, I'm not the one on the development side of this application. How would I ever know if there is anything to do with the time zone?
And why is this behavior happening only when creating tasks from android?
If a task is created from the web interface, it's ok for both web & andoid
If a task is created from android, it's ok in android, but not the web
Why am i getting the feeling that the issue is ignored? :)
What is the time zone of ur servers? So that i can monitor the behavior and verify if this is a time zone related issue or not...
Sorry for that. The date you set in TickTick is in accord with the time on your device. So we guess it might be the Time Zone thing that resulted in this difference.
A todo app is not usable if i cannot set due dates correctly! :)
When will that be solved?!

I'm beginning to get sick of all the critical bugs that I find in your platform. Plus, you don't even provide a solution nor a a date in which these bugs will be solved. Let alone that these bugs are the ones I face, not all of them!

We tried to reoccur this bug on our side only to find that it happens when there's time zone difference between Android device and Web. We've sent you an email and hope we can keep in touch to solve this issue.
A reminder of the summer time, it'll be on soon. Please make any adjustments that u need to do for the platform to function correctly...
I Have the same problem using Android and web. I put the date in the web and in Android the date is one day before. Any solution? :(
Hi eltondamata,
Can you confirm if the Android and web devices are in the same time zone?
Yes, the same. UTC-03:00
The problem occur only when I input the date on web. If I input the date on cell phone it's ok.
If I set the time the error not occur...
I have exactly the same problem. In example:

1) I'm adding someone's birdhday with only date and no time - ie. Dad, 25th May
2) The DST time changes in October and shifts the time minus 1 hour
3) Suddenly my dad have his birthday on 24th May.

Looks like dates without time are saved as 25th May, 00:00

Sorry for the troubles. We will look into it soon.
Good afternoon, exactly the same problem has appeared.
Sub-tasks, on which I put a reminder, shift for a day.

When to wait for correction?
All reminders are shifted, this is very bad (((
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