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Reminder Popup Picture

I wanted to point out a pretty disturbing element. When a task appears via the popup reminder you can see an image on the upper part. How can it be changed? Looks like the picture is selected randomly and I do not know where (maybe on the phone, which does not help me ... the photo without being intrusive is unprofessional and is not too suited to all situations mainly facing a customer ...)

I researched in the settings but nothing to change or to remove this image, is there a solution?

Best regards,
Sorry for that. We've noted it down for reference.
It's very disturbing. The photo is that of my boss, which sucks. I've even deleted the photo, but it's still in the top pane of the reminder.
Hi Chibi Kim,

Could you tell me the version of your OS and your phone model? Did this issue happened every time you get a notification? Keep in touch.
The problem also happens to me. I would like popup without image.
Hello guys,

Yes, we do have plans to get rid of the image on popup. Please be patient for a bit longer.
Bumping this item as a reminder. Would really like to have this go away.
Random picture still in pop-up reminders and no way to change it. Can't use pop-up because of this
Hello guys,

Sorry about the inconvenience. Devs tried to fix this issue but still got no clue yet. The product team has been told about the case too. They will soon evaluate the possibility to change the feature in order to avoid this issue in the future.
By the way, in my phone TickTick uses image from phone's WhatsApp folder. So it is not a photo taken by me, but it was sent to me via WhatsApp. And the photo is around 1 year old (meaning it is a totally random image from WhatsApp photo folder)
The speed to fix this issue is amazing, maybe it tells about your development team skills?
Or do you happen to have some updates for us?

We will make certain changes soon to avoid Android users from encountering this issue in the future.
@oilexxxi: soon? what does soon mean :) ? Almost 4 months has passed since your last message
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