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[TickTick Wear] First Release
Hi, All
The new app for Android Wear is released !
You can access to-dos on wrist without taking phone out of your pocket.
Key Features:
- View tasks scheduled on today and mark them done
- Create tasks with voice command by saying ‘Ok Google, take a note…’
- Change due date of a task
- Complete a checklist by checking off items one by one
- Seamlessly sync tasks with TickTick Android phone

Please have a try: TickTick for Wear
Stuck on loading, please help
Hi elysemckenna39,
What's your watch model and version? In which situation it stuck on loading?
Me, too. When opening on Android Wear 2, only "Loading..." is shown.
It's there for minutes and hours without any reaction.
I've tried to clear the cache, data and also reinstalled the app. No change!
Huawei watch, Android Wear 2, stuck on loading...
Trying TickTick Wear on Ticwatch E (Wear 2.0):
1) Loading screen is there until you kill the app and restart. Than you get to task list almost always
2) The idea of always-on mode when in task might not be a good one - drains power quickly. Tried a long shopping-list. It took about 40% of battery for 1.5 hours
3) Please consider a black theme to save power
It's stuck on loading screen for me as well. I have google pixel 1st gen. with moto 360 and latest wear OS version.
It doesnt even let me download the app on my google playstore. I live in mexico and my watch is a ticwatch E. Im premium!!! Im paying and i get no app available for my device it says.

Im going to cancel my premium membership

My smartwatch is Ticwatch E, with Oreo version (Wear OS 1.1 - Android 8.0 based).

I have installed the TickTick Wear, and run it, but "loading" message is shown forever. I kill the app, and reboot the smartwatch and run it again.. and the tasks are showed. App works!.

Congratulations to the development team for the first version, and encourage to fix the issue "loading"
Guys, any plans to get an update? Or is there any alternative to see tasks on Android Wear watch (say some 3rd party app TickTick syncs with)?

I don't receive TickTick notifications in my smartwatch.

The OS Wear (old Android Wear) is 1.2. The phone Android versión is 7.1.1. I have enabled notifications to TickTick app in Android settings. I disable the Android power save too.

I installed the TickTick wear in smartwatch.

What is the problem?

Thanks you
Four years after release, the Wear app is still broken.

I'm going to start looking at other ToDo apps again...
update the app!
Please update the app!
Security certificate is out of date or broken...
Web site on chrome with bitdefender broken due failure of security certificate to validate.
Please update the app, more and more of us are tempted to go for the competition (todoist is a good example : ), give us a reason to stay !

I think like "Pierre"... Please update the app. Is very useful manage tasks with the smartwatch
Still stuck on loading, 3 years(!) later.. Come one, guys..
Hi there, Could we please get a working WearOS app? The thing would just perfectly finish the ecosystem! Greetings from Amsterdam
Please this and time estimation on all platforms
Oh nice, what about a Galaxy/Gear/Tizen version?
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