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Drag & Drop not working
I can't drag & drop to prioritize tasks. I'm using Chrome for Windows v36.0.1985.125m.
Thanks for your feedback. Can I ask for your previous operation ? I can't get your point in your words. Please give us more description.
"Drag tasks to rearrange order" is not working. When I drag a task above or below other tasks, nothing happens. The task does not move up or down.
I'm having this same problem erratically, both in Firefox and Opera browsers. I have to click on another category list and come back to then be able to move an item.

Often I also cannot drag and drop a task to another category as well and this sometimes necessitates completely reloading the page.
Thanks for your feedback but sorry for making you trouble.
This issue has been fixed and you can use it soon.
same problem in app version on mac: drag works sometimes, so I have to click, try to drag, click again, try to drag etc.. usually works after a few tries but it's broken as of about 5 days ago (there was no problem before that!)
Hi Chris,
Can you tell me which section the dragging doesn't work? The list section(left panel), or task section(middle panel)? It is'in task section, can you tell me which list these tasks are belong to(or, it's a list you created)?And what's the sort method?
I had this problem, but see below (can't seem to delete this comment).
I had this problem until I realised that sorting by priority or title doesn't allow dragging to reorder, but sorting by time or list does.
I've started having this problem since about the time I got a new phone (both phones are android). I'm used to only being able to drag and drop items for today and tomorrow. But now when I try to drag and drop items it works, but then after a few seconds they frequently move on their own back to where they were before. FYI, I am sorting by time.
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