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[Feature Request] Task template or Copy Task
I've a task frequently.

- Preparing a Lecture:
- Email notification
- date and location
- outlines
- ...
- ...

It is cool and convenient that there is a function call : Task Template.

However,tasks can be copied is similar to Task Template.

Thans for your feedback. We have gotten your idea and it will be considered later.
I am also interceding for this feature, it would be great to copy task.

At present "Task Duplicate" is available on TickTick web app:-)

You can enable "Duplicate" in "Lab", and then choose a task. After that, click the upward arrow at the bottom of right panel to choose "Duplicate". Please have a try:-)
Duplicate a Template are similar but do not serve for the same purpose - Template you can pick the template and use it as task needed. Conversely facilitate the creation of a similar task, however, it does not facilitate the creation of a new predefined task. One feature facilitate mulitiple task creation the other help a repetitive task from scratch Templates are very needed and certainly give Ticktick edge over other task apps
Carly, I'm not following what you mean. Can we duplicate a list or can we not? I'm pretty sure this option was available a few months ago when I signed up. But it is no longer available? I have a list I created with 30 tasks and I need to create duplicates of this list many times per month. But how do we do this?? I am getting frustrated wasting time looking for this option.
I am a new user and was wondering if anyone had figured out how to accounting this? I love the simplicity of the app but this seems like a fairly large oversight.
Hey, just wanted to add my voice that templates would be a great feature. My wife and I travel a lot for our jobs, and we want to be able to create a template with all the things we need to accomplish before we're ready to travel. One where we can grab it from storage somewhere and create a new task or series of tasks prior to departure. Right now we need to re-create this from scratch every time and it's quite annoying.
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