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Changing time zones does not change time of tasks accordingly
I live in London. I'm currently in Germany and changed my time zone in settings to reflect this. However, all this did was shift all my tasks an hour later. If I have a task I need to do daily at 8:30 in the morning, why would changing my time zone now make that task due at 9:30 in my current time zone? I still need to do it at 8:30, I'm just in a different place! Please tell me there is a way to make task times change along with the time zone (please don't tell me my only option is to change them all manually -- that's part of the reason I stopped using Wunderlist...).

This is how TickTick deal with time zone right now.

Thanks for your feedback. We will further review the logic behind to see whether the current one is reasonable.
Has TickTick made any improvements to handling time zones?

In the summer of 2017, I jumped a few hours in a timezone and found my TickTick to-dos had all the wrong times.

Could we have a way of specifying the timezone the task time is meant to be set for?
Hi, I just have to say that this way of dealing with timezones is terrible.

Whenever I'm travelling and change timezones, my tasks are moved to an hour later.
What is the point of having a specific time set if the time is not the one I specified at first??? All the time I'm having to reset the times for the tasks.

The tasks time should be fixed... Many apps know how to deal with it, I think it's time ticktick also come up with a better solution
Yes, "Remember the milk" is able to keep the times fixed even if the time zone is changed. Will this be possible in ticktick?
Can we at least have a way (under settings) to change the time zone we are actively using?
Please fix this, it is currently mostly unusable while travelling.
We need to choose if a task time is "Absolute" ie 8am always, or "Relative" ie 8am in time zone created, but adjusted when travelling.

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