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Where i can get support on GNotes?
Hi! Where i can get support on GNotes? - is no answer. - is no answer. - not working.

Android client is not synchronized with account (Network error)
I can not create a new account on the android client.

The project is closed?
We will contact you with mail support.
Support, please contact me. Migrating phones and gnotes says my account doesn't exist though I'm looking at the account signed in on the old phone. Won't let me reset password as it says no such account. Exported my notes to SD card but new phone install says no notes to import. Perplexed.
Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback:)

Could you please check your email later and help us look into your issue? Sorry for inconvenience.
Hello everybody,

because of a break of my smartphone Galaxy S5 (in repair now) We lend me an Iphone 4S and after install Gnotes, an log with my account (gmail) , it's impossible to find my notes (come from my gmail notes account). there is no one notes existing.
thanks you for your help
@Dunckan80 ,
Please check if there are data in "Notes" in your Gmail notes account. If no, you can try to import your data from SD card to your new device.
You can install your SD card on your old phone to new one,.
Or, you can copy data in "/sdcard/.GNotes" to "/sdcard/"(a new card is also ok), install SD to your new device, uninstall and reinstall, then restore previous data according to instructions.
Same issue here. click on forget password but it is not working. No mail sent to the mailbox!
Dear support,

Please help me.
I was using gnotes fine. Suddenly when i went in to app 30mins ago. I was asked to sign in. Once i signed in. All my notes were gone ! When i sign into my gmail account. All notes were gone too !

Please help me recover the notes. They r important to me!

Thank you.
My email is
Ok problem resolved after i reinstalled app.
My Gnote use to sync with my gmail but now it is not working.
when I try and authorise the the Google Authorise it does not work.
I have uninstall, cleared the cache etc but still not syncing.
Please assist?
Hey there,

I am afraid that your API is restricted by Gmail which caused the situation, we may suggest you go to the account setting and migrate the data to G-notes account.
I have a pro account, but when I try to restore it through the apk, it tells me I have no transaction for my account, any idea what's going on?
I have a Pro Gnotes account and Gnotes used to sync with Gmail and is up to a date about a year ago.... but now it wont. I have set the IMAP etc but nothing when I sync.
I notice you say to go to the Account setting and migrate the data to G-notes account. How do I do that?

I had 2 phone both have GNotes, may I know if I buy the pro version how many device I can use on same account? I have problem on your charged me 2 times in different device but the login account is same!
Hi, can someone from Gnotes contact me? I really need your help! very urgent
For some reason my original account does not longer work (I created a new one to be able to post here!).
I reset the password but to no avail (does not work, tried several times).
Please contact me to be able to still use your (excellent) App/Web...
HELP thanks
Hi. Can't Sign In.
I complete the correct user and password. Press Sign In button but nothing happends.
Same problem as jose and maiu. Any follow-up on this?
Same problem as maiu + wout.
It's impossible to login using any web browser. I input username & password then click on Sign In and nothing happens. Can you please check?
Hi, I had to change my Gmail password 6 months ago and have noticed my gnotes no longer syncs with Gmail. Thought maybe I needed to update the password in gnotes. I can't seem to change my password in gnotes and now I can't access important info on my notes. I've upgraded to Pro but no difference. The change password system does not seem to be working. HELP! Peter.
Having the same issue as everyone above. Any update on this?
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