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Google Calendar Sync not working is listed inside the Google Calendar but with tasks which are deleted since some time on the TT. New tasks are not synced with the Google Calendar. It seems something is broken or there is some cache mechanism which prevents the update?

Did you subscribed TickTick in your Google Calendar? Did you mean that newly added tasks in TickTick can't be displayed in Google Calendar?

First, please note that the tasks should have due dates, otherwise, they won't be displayed in Google Calendar.

Second, the sync to Google Calendar is not instant. It may take up to 12 ours for Google to refresh its calendar.
Hi, I am experiencing the same issue, or close to, so I thought I'd continue this thread rather than starting a new one.
I have used GTasks Pro as well as TickTick Pro for some years now.
Currently, I'm trying to go solely with TickTick, but am having issues with a repeating task I created some time ago. A day or two ago, I changed the time of the task in TickTick from 11:45 am to 1 pm. This never changed in Google Calendar, after more than a day.
I am wondering what the limitations are of having TickTick tasks appearing in Google Calendar.
I will try to delete this task, and see if it eventually disappears from Google Calendar. If it does not, you may have issues you need to address. ;-)
Hi Brian Achille,

Thanks for contacting us and sorry for the inconvenience you experienced :(

We are looking into this issue and I will get back to you if any updated info is available.
Problem = Tasks created with TickTick are added to synced Google Calendar .... BUT when you delete these tasks in TickTick they aren't deleted in Google Calendar.

Solution = Wait 1 hour and refresh Google Calendar. Worked for me!
Something new about this ?

I am new to TickTick i just bought "Pro", first sync was immediate with no issue, but no more sync at all ( its 5 hours now ... ) and its not good for me ....

Can i somehow force update or something like that ?
Have there been any updates to this problem? I am having the same challenges that my Google calendar never updates the TickTick tasks.

Please Help!
I'have the same issue.
when you created a recurrent task in ticktcik , it's appear well in google calendar.
but if you modify the task , the task remain the same.
you can't delete it too.
Is there a workaround or a solution.
I have the same issue too.
I hope they fix it soon because it would be one of the most useful features to combine with the rest of TickTick.
Meanwhile, I will stick with Google Calendar, lets see if Wendy has a good answer with a deadline at least.
Similar issues, here. When I click on my google email address, on TickTick's sidebar, I can see my events as they appear on google's website, but when I click on the word "Calendar" on TickTick's sidebar I see an incomplete and inaccurate month-at-a-glance. Some of my recurring events are listed in the All-day section and one of my recurring events is listed in the All-day section of the following day, instead of on the same day it occurs. If I return to TickTick's sidebar and click my google email address, I still find the same events in their appropriate order and time, there.
Sure ticktick need proper 2-way sync with Google Calendar.
Still nothing? I don't want to stop using ticktick but it's an option if sync does not work.

Hello guys, sorry for the late reply. Could you let us know if the issue occurred when operating from TickTick to GC, or the other way around?
I have the same issue too.
TickTick not send changes to the "webcal".
hey. i subscribed my google calander with ticktick butt its not working i cant se my view.
what should i do?

Did you subscribe via URL or account? If via account, you may try to re-authorize TickTick. Keep us posted if you still encounter problems afterwards.

Same problem here.. New events are not synchronized on android. Application version is However synchronization works in web interface. I subscribed via account.

Have you set to display Calendar events in TickTick? Could you double check that in your phone app settings first?
Yes. And some events that have been added long time ago appear in calendar but not events added about a few weeks ago
Events within only one monthly are available for showing in Andriod app. If your missing events are in this one month, please provide some screenshots to Our support team will look into it asap.
Alright. Events within one month are showing. Would be good if it would show at least 2 months forward.
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