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Restore ''backup'' is available now
Generating backup feature has been existed for a while and now, you can import your "backup" into TickTick at:

Right now, only 'text' can be restored and attachment is not supported yet. This will be improved in the future.
Great! How about a link to this or a button by the Generate Backup so it's easy to find.
Tks for the feedback.

Yes, we will consider it.
wow, great!

I can change my email now!
So what about the button "Generate Backup" in android?

I am afraid that backup is only available on web, and currently we don't plan to add it to android.
Some news about backup attachments files, comments and folders?

I just did a backup and noticed there were no attachments in the .csv. This is concerning. I assumed any binary attachments would have been base64 encoded (or similar)... glad I checked.

Also, the backup text says json or csv but the backup only produces a csv. How do we specify json?
I am also wondering why it doesn't backup attachments files, comments, and folders?
Still not able to backup attachments, it is becoming frustrating, any plan to improve that any soon? Otherwise great app...
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