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Deleted tasks cannot be retrieved
In the task menu next to "send" there is the "delete" command.
Several times while trying to click the send I accidentally clicked the delete and the task was deleted without any way to restore it.
I know there is a "undo" message that pops up for a second but by the time I noticed it it was gone.
Is there some sort of "trash" or "recycle bin" in TickTick? If not, can it be added?
Currently, there is no "Trash" on app.
There is a "Trash" on web, you can restore the deleted tasks on the web.
Good to know!
We really need a restore button to get the trash back, the facility to do so on the webpage is not up to scratch on mobile devices

At this time it's not possible. We will consider adding this ability in future updates.
I'll let you know if there's any update.

can you tell me where I can find the trash on the web to restore a deleted task?
Hi! You can find "Trash" at the bottom of the left side bar.
If it's not there, you can make it show by: Settings>Smart List>Trash(show).
Then you'll find "Restore" at the lower left corner on the right panel.
This is great! Thanks!
Is there anyway I can restore deleted tasks? My trash is empty and I cannot find my list I need
I need to restore deleted tasks too. Is it possible?
What's the point of having an 'undo' button if it only stays on the screen for 5 seconds? lol Just keep it there longer and this probably won't be much of an issue. Easy fix. Why no implementation? Also, why doesn't the 'undo' and 'redo' functions under the edit menu do anything? What's the point? Am I missing something?
We need access to the "Trash" list on Mac please.
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