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Import list items from Excel
Is there a way to import new list items from a file? From Excel, text or something else?
If no, are there any prospects of seeing it in near future?
Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your feedback.

However, currently, there is no option to import new list items from an excel file directly.

Json file is supported and you can have a look at our supported import page:
Thanks for the reply, but...
Since I need to import several lists currently stored in Excel files, would it be possible to see a sample for the json file? Ready json file with simpoe two or three items ready for import, something like:
{"test list":[
Obviously, my example above doesn't work :(

Then, you can try CSV structure to import and its structure is:
Title,Created By,Assigned to,Created On,Due Date,Importance,Repeat,Lists,Description,Completed On,Comments,Time Estimate,Time Elapsed
Title,Who,Who,2011-07-12 09:35:08,2011-07-18 23:00:00,3,,List Name,,,,,
It works!
Thanks a lot :)
This works, but the format has changed and it seems to be very tetchy about enclosing every field in quotes and exactly which fields are populated or not. I started by creating a backup and using that as a template. A simple guide to the CSV format would be helpful. Thanks!

P.S. I'm a post-acquisition Wunderlist refugee, and I find TickTick to be much better! It's more responsive on the web and phone, and has more useful features like repeating by completion date.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your feedback. CSV format will be back in our future updates. Glad to hear that you like TickTick, and hope you can explore more features:-)
I really like your product but the inability to import simple csv files is a real drawback. I have hundreds of items on various task lists and cannot take the time to put them in one by one. I am going to look for another product.
Jim, TickTick can import from Wunderlist, Springpad, Toodledo, and iCal. If you can import your CSVs into one of those then you can get TickTick to import from that.
This is a really "kludgy" workaround. I am a developer who integrates data between numerous disparate systems all the time. It's not that hard. I am really surprised that you don't have a direct way to do this.

It also looks like one can only do the import from these apps, of which I have never heard, is from the Pro version. Is that correct?
Please provide documentation for the Tick Tick backup/import .csv file. The fields are:

"List Name","Title","Content","Is Checklist","Due Date","Reminder","Repeat","Priority","Status","Completed Time","Order","Timezone","Is All Day"

What is the "Order" field?
I have just heard of Tick Tick and really like the concept. However, in order to test it out, I also need an import from a CSV file or JSON file. Documentation on the format is really important.

Thanks ... Jeff
I'm migrating from ToDo Cloud and am trying to create CSV files to import. I started by exporting the initial tasks I created from TickTick to see the CSV format. However, some columns are not obvious as to their needed values.

Where is the import/export columns explanation?

Is CSV the best approach? JSON is mentioned but I do not see doc of its format either.

Hello JJ,

Could you please provide a backup CSV file to We will then look into it for you.
Hi, I think my original question wasn't clear that it was a TickTick exported CSV file that I'm asking about. Is there doc explaining the values and intents?
I don't get why these guys don't make this easier. OBVIOUSLY converting my data from my current task manager is the first thing I need to do to give TickTick a try.
Hello. The import csv ability doesn't work. Your guide says it is possible and there is a button for that but it simply doesn't work. I respected the exported csv columns exactly, tried all kinds of csv formats, to no effect. Any idea when this will be fixed?
I just tried to import a toodledo .csv file and it only imported the folders as lists but no actual tasks. What should I do?
Am trying to import from Toodledo too. Exported to csv and not good. Tried entering a few items in ticktick and exported them to get a file with appropriate headers. Pasted data from my Toodle export and tried importing from that file. Nothing imports.
Import from Toodledo failed numerous times. I ended up exporting 1000+ Toodledo items and performed a backup from Ticktick and used that as an import template. Pasted Toodle info into it and imported and the data came in. Unfortunately I needed to upgrade to a paid version so I can test it since I have a lot of folders. Not sure I'll stick with it, but I was able to get the data imported. BTW, tech support from Ticktick responded but was useless.
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