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Pop-up Notification Issues
Something I really like about this app are the Pop-Up Notifications and the fact that I can address the task without fully opening the app.

However I also do not have a password or lock pattern to unlock my phone and I never intend on using one, I really love the convenience of swipe to unlock and my phone doesn't leave my side so it's not a security issue for me.

When I use the pop-up notifications and my phone's screen is off/locked, the pop-up message turns the screen on and displays the pop-up and if view is selected the app is opened and suddenly my phone is unlocked. Since I don't use a password this isn't a security issue, however this is a huge issue when my phone is in my pocket. I've pocket called 3 or 4 people in the past week, sent random texts, edited a large number of Tick Tick tasks, all without my phone having to leave my pocket.

This has rendered the Pop-Up Notification feature unusable which is aggravating since it's one of my favorites. Can you please address this?
Hi, to avoid this happening again, the only workaround now is setting a lock pattern for your phone.

We have added this issue in our list, which will be further evaluated to see whether a better solution could be found.
And just so you know Aaro, we reported this a while back. Still no resolution but I'm hopeful.

I also had started writing emails (from my pocket!) this week. Ugg.
I really want to add to this discussion and stress the importance of this being fixed.

Albeit pattern lock or fingerprint lock, the notification will still force the screen on, and when the device is in your pocket, it may not unlock and go into unwanted options like calling and emailing. But it does dismiss important reminders.

With what I believe to be the death of ANY.DO, this app will begin to see a lot of popularity I think. So I hope this gets sorted ASAP, as it's very close to being a deal-breaker, which is a shame because I love it other than that problem. But understand; it is a big problem.
Thanks for all the feedback.

We are aware of this issue and will take it into serious consideration.
Is there a fix for this yet?
This app is waking my phone and wasting my battery constantly. PLEASE FIX IT. I used to recommend the app to people but now I don't. I'm going to look for something else. Other apps have a "do not wake screen" or "do not pop up over lock screen" setting. Why are you avoiding giving us an option?

Could you please go to the system settings - battery settings - consumption settings - find TickTick and screenshot the page, send to We will look into it for you soon.
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