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Feature Request: 'Sort by Order' for Today view
I think that it would be very beneficial for users to have the ability to manually re-order tasks under the Today view. I'd like to put my tasks under Today in the order that I'd like to complete them. I understand that multi-level sorting with order, priorities, and due dates can get complex but is the 'Sort by Order' feature by itself complex in terms of development? You guys have already implemented the 'Sort by Order' feature for the Inbox and Lists. Just to be clear, when I say 'Sort by Order' I mean the ability to manually move tasks in the order that the user sees fit. Thank you guys for the wonderful app!
Tks for your feedback.

I've got your point. The reason that there is no 'sort by order' option in 'Today' list is because we didn't see a need because it only displays overdue plus today's tasks.

We shall further review this feature since you've requested it.
I would also like to add my vote to add a "sort by order" feature to the Today list.
Hi, there
We will add this feature soon.
I would also add my vote for the ability to sort order within the Today list and actually, within any list. It is so important and intuitive to do so.
Thanks so much
+1 vote
I pretty much only use the today view, so I never really get to use any of the sorts.

Additionally, being able to apply a second sort to the partial ordering implied by a first sort (e.g. first sort by due date, then by priority) would make the "next 7 days" view (for example) much more useful.
Hi, Tom Bertalan

Thanks for your feedback.

The feature of "second-tier sorting" has been added in our consideration list. We may further evaluate its feasibility.
PLEASE add the ability to sort the today list!!!

I am glad to tell you that it will be released soon, and at present this feature is in the final stage. Please keep an eye on our future updates:)
Looking forward to seeing this. Just posted on a different topic, but not just for today views.
Hello. :) I would also like to place a vote for sorting the today view manually; that would really help my use of the app. Thanks!

This feature was released several months ago. I suggest you update TickTick to the latest version and have a try again:-)

Have you used a filter to sort already? Manually sort is only working when there's no auto-sort selected.
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