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How do I navigate to task body using keyboard
After I enter a new task, (type in the bar at the top and hit 'enter', I'd be nice to be able to then 'tab' to the body of the task to start typing instead of having to use the mouse to get over there. Any current way to do it with the keyboard?

As you know, after hitting 'enter', the newly created task will be highlighted and you can edit the body on the right panel directly. So, currently, there is no shortcut with keyboard to navigate.
Well, except you can't actually just start typing and editing the body without getting the curser there. I would be nice if we could "tab" or something to get the curser there. thanks!
You desperately need a way to use the keyboard to get to the body of a task after entering the title and hitting "enter". Would love it if you'd put it on the list.
Loving the tool like crazy still...
Power user ...
Click Ctrl+?, you will see a list of TickTick keyboard shortcut.
Ctrl+"?/" key does nothing in the web interface for me using firefox. Is there a place to see all the keyboard shortcuts supported in the web interface?

We will fix this asap. It should be seen on Firefox as well. Now, I've attached the shortcuts list on our Facebook page and you can view it at:
Still would really love to see this one added to keyboard shortcuts...
Thanks. still loving TT

I'm not sure whether you are already aware of the keyboard shortcuts available for TickTick.

Please click Ctrl+? to see the list and find out which one you'd like to use.
Not it. :(
Still pretty frustrated.
There's still no way to get to the text box (content area) after creating a new task with the keyboard.
It's the one thing that keeps me looking for another app. . .
so all you need to do is watch the element in the dom and making a shorcut like tab or ctrl + right_arrow that puts the cursor in the text element.
shouldn't be too bad.
Hi Kdog,

Could you please describe your ideal keyboard shortcuts so that it could be considered in our future updates. Thank you in advance.
After I type something in the open/empty text box for a new task, I'd like to be able to hit 'tab' and the task Title gets added to the list below and my cursor automatically shows in the body field to the right.
Doesn't have to be tab.
Ctrl + enter is fine too.
Anything really. Just a way to get my cursor in that body text field using the keyboard would be awesome!
Still waiting. . . :)
+1 vote for this feature. Keyboard shortcuts like this make the difference between a time-consuming app, and an app that can seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Even better is if the input focus automatically switches as Kdog describes.

Not to hijack Kdog's thread, but as a suggestion perhaps Enter could step through the most common entry fields (e.g. Name, Description, Due date, Priority, etc), then Shift-Enter or Ctrl-Enter could actually save the task (and preferably land on a new blank task, in the New Task Name edit field, allowing for easy entry of a list of tasks). This way, users could enter only as much information as they wanted for each task and exit from Edit mode as early or late in this workflow as they wanted.
Love it.
still nothing huh?
no other power keyboard users? :(
will find a hack I guess. ..
Thank you.
This is the final feature that locks me in as a user.
Nice work.
Have you been able to get the keyboard shortcuts to work? They don't for me on the latest Chrome.,

Which keyboard shortcut did you mean exactly? None of them works?
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