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Potential Feature: Kanban Board View?
Following in the footsteps of "Personal Kanban", I was thinking that it might be neat if TickTick had a Kanban view, which listed upcoming tasks, tasks that were due (or tasks marked "in-progress"), and tasks that have been completed. That sort of feature would enable me to utilize TickTick as more than a catch-up to-do list but also a work/task management solution.
Thanks for your feedback.

We will note it down for further consideration.
This would be AWESOME. Project management meets task management, something no other app is doing very well, even Wunderlist, which will be extinct soon.
Some simple kanban / SCRUM overview like, but then to be applied for a a complete list or folder would be perfect indeed!
Hello guys,

To implement Kanban Board View definitely worth a try. However, this is not on the current list of our dev team. Your feedbacks have been recorded and will be evaluated again when time's mature.
+1 - doing this will set tick tick far apart from competitors.
How are you going to implement the board view? It will be a completely different app. Right now your boards are lists, your not done/done is unchecked/checked.
Right now because the app is structurally so simple, one can do so many things with it. For example I basically store notes as lists in description area, organized short- and long-term planning.

Hope the developers now what they are doing, and not blindly listen to reactive feedback, not based on practical research.
+1 would be really cool :)
+1 This is the ultimate feature that you can add to already an amazing app.
Kanban Board can help TickTick reach a broader market (Project Management and Dev teams) where apps like Trello are being used.
I would love to have Kanban boards, possibly corresponding to Lists.
After using Trello, Smartsheet and Planner it is hard to switch back fully to TickTick.

Everybody has got a habit to work with lists, and some of us - with kanban. I use kanban as Jira user, also have used Trello, and don't see any advantage (except for marketing effect) to spend developers resources to add another presentations of the same information. Especially for mobile screens.
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