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Feature suggestions
Hi there.

I am using the pro version on Android and web, and I love it. A couple of features would make Tick Tick even better in my opinion:

1. Copy Task
Copy the entire task (title, due date, alarm, notes, checklists) to avoid having to re-input details for projects that have several similar steps.
EXAMPLE: I am producing a course in my work, and each section of the course has the same list of required documents as a checklist. It would be so much easier to set up 'Unit 1.1' and paste it as 'Unit 1.2' than retyping it all:

Unit 1.1
* Summary Notes
* Homework file
* etc
* etc

Unit 1.2
* Summary Notes
* Homework file
* etc
* etc

2. Assign Task
If a list has more than one member, you should be able to assign tasks to each member. 'Assigned to me' could then become a top level menu choice alongside 'All', 'Today', 'Next 7 Days' etc.

Thank you for reading, and I hope these features prove attractive to you!
2 others small features for these great app :
* tag task (not only based on date or list but on various categories)
* print a list (not only a task)

Thanks for your suggestion. We have read your requests and will note them down for future reference.


The 'tags' feature will be considered. Print a list, however, is already available on the web. On the left panel, click the downward arrow besides the list name and choose 'print'.
The option to copy the entire checklist would be awesome! How about that one to consider?
Been using pro version for awhile and love it.
However, I use Sunrise a lot, any chance of a link with them like Todoist?
Would be awesome!
Suggestion: Search by tag.

When the user has a large number of tags, it gets difficult to locate one in the list of tags.
If I try to search by "#tagname" it searches everything with the text "tagname". Ideally, the search would give only results with the tag #tagname.
Hi Jo Mo,

I quite understand your point, but I believe some users might prefer the result of search includes everything that has "#tagname". A solution could be: TickTick divides the results into two parts: #tagname in the task title, and #tagname in the text. Do you think it will be more convenient?

Anyway, we will consider to make an improvement in Tag. Thank you for your suggestion:)
Hi, I would like to attach documents straight from Google Drive.

Hi Phil,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have noted it down in our consideration list:)
Hi there,

I don't know if this feature is already available, I just found this app.
I have a need for a reminder to be able to send an email, not to my email, but to an email that I set on the reminder with the email body I set on the reminder also.
So I can create a reminder to occur every month on a certain date until a certain date in the future or recurring for how many times and set the email body to be sent to what address.


Thank you for your feedback.

I am afraid that it is not available in TickTick. If possible could you please tell me the scenario that you use this feature, so that I can better understand your requirement? Thank you in advance.
Hi Wendy,

My company is a Property Agent, like ERA and RayWhite.
Some of our client pay for the property by installment, and can take up to 2 years.
I need to setup a recurring email to be sent to our sales person and/or to the client to remind of the due date. So I'll need to input Sales Person's and/or client's email, the mail itself (subject and body) and end date ( 2 years in the future) or just a counter of how many times I want to send the email.

Hope my explanation is clear and sorry for my poor English.


I would like a feature to add a table in the note.

Thanking you.

The time picker (in Android and specially in the web app) kind of sucks.
Could you please consider improving it so that entering times is easier and quicker?

Hi Jo Mo,

Could you tell me what your ideal time picker? Or could you please provide me with some detailed suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Just started looking at TickTick as I need a cross platform Task organiser.

At least it is cross platform and simple to use, but seriously lacking in some features I think are essential for using as a professional work tool.

1). Task Status - e.g. "Needs Action", "Under Way", Needs 3rd Party Response" - extensible drop-down lists.
2). % Complete - as horizontal bar or other graphic
3). Dependencies (other tasks/people)
4). Category - "Sales", Technical Meeting" "Board Matters" - extensible drop-down lists.
5). Colour coded by Category/Status or other aspect of user's choosing
6). Start Date - Due Date
7). Location
8). View/Hide tasks by Status and/or Category
9). Better/more readable colour themes

Many thanks.


Thanks for your suggestions:-)

3) Could you provide more explanation? At present, you can assign tasks to others in TickTick. Did you mean this kind of collaboration?

4) Have you used folders? If not, here is a link for you:

5) You can choose a color for tasks within a list in list settings, and the color will appear at the beginning of each task.

6) Start day is an feature specially for calendar app, but not to-do list app which focus on due date. In the latest version of TickTick, you can set multiple reminders which in some way is a workaround . Here is another link:

7) Did you mean location reminder? If yes, it is available on mobile but not on web.

As for other suggestions, I have noted them down in our consideration list:-)

I've been a long time user of Wunderlist and just switched over to TickTick. For smart list views, if the list name can be shown for each task that it belongs to, maybe in small caps or at the end of the line item, it would help to differentiate similar descriptions of tasks listed under different lists.

For example, I can have a "Clean windows" task in a list called Daily Chores and the same task under a different list called Window Replacement Project. On the smart list view, I would not be able to differentiate which one I would be checking off.
I've just been using TickTick for a few months, and love most of it! Jon's suggestion above addresses one of the very few things that on my TickTick wishlist. I work for several different companies who need similar (or identical) things done, such as "Process payroll," or "Pay sales tax." I have all my work lists color coded the same (blue), so that doesn't help me distinguish which list a task is from. I'm using tags for that, but it seems redundant to put an item in my list for ClientA, and to also need to tag the item #ClientA. It would be great if the list name could be shown for each task when using smart list views. Thanks for a great product!
Thanks for detailed suggestions.
We'll try to show the list name when you are checking tasks in smart list in future updates.
How about a sort and print dialog for search results?....

I like to search for a term (code) which displays the relevant coded tasks, but can not print the search results as the print option includes 50+ pages of svg images, I think.
I wrote custom css rules to get around the extra pages, but then I realized the search does not have sorting options, my preference would be by due date.
Using different folders would be cumbersome.

Also, an option for showing task due dates as MMM DD instead of "today, tomorrow, mon - sun, MMM DD" - I just get confused with what day/date it is, and I use the numbered dates for my other systems, now i find myself looking at a calendar to see what day the 'friday' falls on, for example.
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