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[idea] Markdown Integration
While typing out a new note just now, I had a somewhat radical idea for the web interface of TickTick. I'm not entirely sure how this will affect the other supported platforms, however I'll never find out if I don't ask. :)

First things first: I love markdown. It's clean, simple and easy to read (both formatted and raw). So following that thought, it would be pretty epic to have notes rendered in markdown when they're not being edited. Something like EpicEditor [] or Strapdown.js [] should integrate quite nicely with the web UI.

Not knowing the backend code of TickTick, I can't tell how big a job this would be... However, the only issue I can think of off the top of my head would be parsing the raw markdown for the other platforms. Perhaps something server-side could strip out (or simply replace) markdown-specific characters before serving it to Android or iOS? Or better yet, there could even be mobile based markdown interpreters..

So, what's the verdict then.. Is this a viable feature request? :D
Tks for the idea.

We will have a further evaluation about its feasibility first.

Any update on markdown support?
Hello guys,

Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, to support markdown is not on the list of our dev team at the moment. Your feedback has been recorded and will be evaluated again when time's mature. We appreciate your understanding and kind support. Please contact us again if you have further questions. Cheers.
:( Deal breaker
Markdown would also make TickTick perfect for me, it seems like the only thing missing.
Markdown is readable in text-mode, so we still can write our Description using markdown. What could be great is to have the HTML-parsed version when printing, at least.
For such an impressive note-taker, I find it surprising there is no support for markdown and it is not even on your todo list. Maybe you dont understand the importance of this or it is much more complicated to implement than I thought. I assumed the browser would do all the heavy lifting. Even Simplenote has this - anyway hope it is impl in the not too-distant future !
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