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Add to TickTick button can't log in
I recently added the Chrome app and tried for the first time to add a task to my TickTick list using the "Add to TickTick" button in Gmail. However, when I did so, I got a pop-up request to sign in to TickTick. I clicked on the link in the request, and it took me to the Web app, where I was already signed in. I went back to Gmail; but got the same request.

I went back to the Web app, signed out and back in. However the button in Gmail still says I'm not logged in. Any suggestions?

Tks for the feedback. We will have a further look first.
An update about this issue: it is probably caused by cookie.

You can try to open the chrome extension for another try. Meanwhile, we will fix this when releasing the next extension version.
I had the same problem. In my case, it worked after I restarted Chrome.
how do you restart chrome?
How do you add Tick tick button to your gmail?

Have you installed TickTick Chrome Extension? If yes, when opening an email in Gmail, you will see the 'Add to TickTick' button so that you can convert an email into a task in TickTick.
When is this going to be fixed?

It has already been fixed. Have you updated your Chrome Extension? Do you still have the same problem?
I have the same problem too...
This problem seems to persist on an intermittent basis. Despite updating the Tick Tick extension, the add task to tick tick button still requires a login, despite me being logged in all the time.
I get the same issue now after I cleared the cache in Chrome. I've updated the Chrome extension and re-logged into both Chrome and TickTick but it's still not working.

Edit: It started working again but Due Date and Priority fields are dimmed and cannot be selected.
This problem, still persists despite doing what the dev recommends. It appears that this bug/problem is not receiving much attention from the Dev, which is a pity, since it is an important function for anybody that receives a lot of emails daily which need some sort of reminder/task setting to be done.
I will do some research on another Task app which might have this feature, but will keep an eye on the Tick Tick space, in the hope that this feature does get fixed at some stage, since the rest of TickTick presents as a very good package for managing tasks.
And, by the way, to put some perspective on this, one can't complain too much since most of the app's features are free. Just does not quite fit my requirements with Add to Tick Tick not working properly.
Sorry for the issue and thanks for your support.
We thought had fixed it in the previous release. But seems it still exists under some situation.
Would you please help us to find out more details?
Right click on the Gmail page, choose "Inspect Element", check if there is any errors(something like red icon with number). If so, click to open the errors detail, and take a screenshots.
This issue now appears to have been fixed - certainly for me. So, thanks to the Dev for attending to this.
This feature now makes Tick Tick the ideal task app for my purposes and will be incorporated into my workflow and personal requirements from here on. Thanks for your help.
This TickTick button is still not working for me at this point. Tried logging in and out both in and gmail. Uninstalled and reinstalled the extension. Still keeps saying "Please signin before adding tasks" even though I'm logged in. Any other suggestions?
Same for me, it has not been working for a couple of days now...
Also, for me isn't working either...
Oops - spoke to soon. The problem has reappeared for me. It must be intermittent then. Hope it can be fixed.
Hi, all

I will email all of you individually. Please follow the steps indicated in email to help us diagnose this issue. Thanks

The email sent to you was returned back due to some unknown error.

We would appreciate if you can email us at directly.
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