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12 vs 24 hour timer
No matter what I do on my moto x android 4.2.2 phone, the reminder shows in 24 hour format. 24 hour is not set in the phone settings, and I even tried deselecting to use network time and just put in my timezone. Is this a bug you're working on?
The time format on Android is based on the phone settings. No identified bug right now. I just tried again at my side and the time format can be switched normally according to the phone settings. So, would you please try to reboot your device?
The phone has always been set on normal 12 hour format, EST. I restarted just for fun though, and still have the same problem.
I set it on 24 hour format, then restarted, then it was showing at 12 hour on Tick Tick. Then I reset to 12 hour and restarted again, and it is still showing 12 hour on Tick Tick. Not sure why, but it looks fixed now.
This is STILL a problem. My Android has always been on 12 hour. My web version is set on 12 hour, but my Android still shows 24 hour. Why don't you just add the setting in the Android app, that way this won't be an issue anymore. Thanks


The time format is following your system settings. Could you double check whether the time format of your system has set to 12 hours?
On my end, I can confirm the app brings the same 12hr tasks/calendar's time picker as my phone's system settings, but in the Habits' time picker brings the 24hr one.
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