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import/export tasks
I am currently using "Remember the milk", but would like to try out ticktick. But is there a way to import tasks into ticktick using iCalendar standard format?
Currently we cannot import tasks from iCal file. We had mart it down as a feature.
What does it mean to "mart i down as a feature"? I don't understand.
Sorry about the typo. It should be mark down but not mart down.

We mean that your feature request will be considered.
This feature is released.
You can import your task via
I see this import option was added. It is in iCal format. Is there any way to import from Microsoft Outlook?
I figured out the Outlook import. Go to Outlook, export as CSV windows. Use the Astrid import tool. It pulled the entire list in cleanly.
Hi. Great that you added this function so fast, but it is not working properly. I have tried to import my ics-file, but nothing is happening. Can you check that everything is in order?
Thanks for your feedback.
There was a issue when import tasks.
Just fix it, please re-try.
I've been enjoying your software which works great on my mobile.

I just tried exporting my Outlook tasks & Toodledo tasks to a .csv file and neither import to ticktick worked. Outlook is used by over 90% of PC users, so not having this functionality is a major fail for an otherwise excellent software..

Please can you make this feature more intuitive to use?

Meantime, please can you provide super-clear, idiot proof, step by step instructions about how to sync my outlook tasks & Toodledo to ticktick? I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, so your patience is appreciated here.


Steve Bruce
Hong Kong
Also, I'd like to find a way to stop the same task reminders popping up on my desktop over and over again.

I enjoy the pop-ups, but they get really annoying when the same task keeps popping up over and over again.

I'm sure this is something I just didn't learn how to do yet.


Steve Bruce
Hong Kong
Hi Steve Bruce,

Thanks for contacting us.

If possible, could you tell me your steps to import outlook to TickTick? BTW, have you ever tried to subscribe TickTick in Outlook calendar?

Normally tasks won't keep popping up if you close it. Did you install TickTick for Chrome Extension? Did you open two browsers? More info about your issue will be much appreciated.

I would like to import tasks from Todoist. I tried exporting/importing iCal .ics file, but due dates are all 1 day early and recurring tasks are not correctly exported.
I would like to import tasks by means of the Tick Tick backup .csv format. Please explain the format of the "Order" field.
Does this app sync with Google calendar, if so, how?

could you add astride Tasks app to import Json Files ?
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