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How to sync with Google Tasks?
Any task added to Google Tasks was automatically sync'd to GTasks but now with TickTick it is not happening. What can I do?
The Same question
TickTick is not designed to sync with Google Tasks. It syncs with its own web portal

But we offer a feature, which allows you to check TickTick tasks in your Calendar app. You can learn more about this calendar subscription feature at:
I have signed up for 2 pro accts on TickTick, and installed the TicTick & GTasks apps on my Android.

When I try to link to TickiTick from GTasks
(Select from TickTick Account)
it shows no TickTick accts.

1. Does a connected TickTick acct need to be a Google acct?
(Can it be an email that is not or not a Google acct?)

2. Can TickTick connect to multiple Google accts?

3. In the GTasks app on Android, what is it looking at when I hit 'Select from TickTick Account'? Is it looking at the TickTick app on my Android, or is it querying
The two app are distinct applications:
App Gtask = tasks Google account.
App TickTick = tasks TickTick account

The Tick Tick account allows much more configuration tasks, recurrences, 4 priority checklist (in spots) nice and similar to the Android application Web interface .....
On, you wrote:

** GTasks can now sync with, give it a try! **

How does GTasks sync with TickTick?

As I said earlier, on my Android when I go to:
GTasks -> Settings -> Google Acct -> (MyAcct).com -> Import Tasks ->
Select From TickTick Account

What am I supposed too see here? There is no TickTick acct listed.

Does GTasks look at the TickTick acct on my Android?
Or does GTasks query

How can I get GTasks to see my TickTick acct?
Please answer my question.
Thank you.


GTasks -> Settings -> Google Acct -> (MyAcct).com ->Click the 'add' icon on top right corner->
TickTick account. Then, you will be directed to the page where you can add a TickTick account to sync your tasks.

A connected TickTick acct doesn't need to be a Google or gmail account.

TickTick currently doesn't support multi-account connection.
Thank you —

Now my GTasks app sees my TickTick acct.
GTasks supports multiple account, is there a way to enable the same in TickTick
** GTasks can now sync with, give it a try! **
Excellent instructions ! I wanted to try Tick Tick for a trial and see how I like it but wanted to reserve the ability to go back to GTasks if I wanted to. This also will export all of your current tasks to Tick Tick, a two fer, and wonderful solution.
Information that would have been useful before I wasted money on Premium.
On Gtasks, TickTick account Is blocked now.
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