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Remove the inbox
Is there anyway to remove the inbox completely? I have two lists. Work and Personal. I find myself forgetting to select one of these lists before adding an item. That means it goes to the inbox. Which I never use. Items there get overlooked. Can we have the option to delete the inbox, or perhaps rename it?

Currently, inbox can't be deleted, hidden or renamed because it is a default list, which restore all your uncategorized tasks.

So, I suggest you to check it periodically or make sure that you've chosen a list when adding a new task. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration when we review this feature some other time.
TickTick has the ability to choose a default date, priority or reminder time for new tasks.
So would it be possible to give us the opportunity to choose the default list that a new task is put in?, we will take it into consideration.
Even Google Tasks (which I have long outgrown) allows you to rename the default list. So would it be difficult to let users rename the "Inbox" since it is such a frequently used & core piece of the way TickTick operates?
Hi Jeff Cline, did you mean you want to rename all of smart lists?
No, this ticket began about the "Inbox" and so I was just inquiring about whether users could rename the "Inbox", not all smart lists.
What's the problem? If you need Inbox be your Work list - why ypu so need to rename it? Just know that inbox is your Work list.

I think Inbox is the fundamental thing of GTD philosophy and can't be removed.
Setup smart lists for work/personal that includes the inbox. That way you can handle the unsorted ones from there..
ALLOW US TO REMOVE THE INBOX OR HIDE IT, why is this a big deal to do
+1 at least allow to rename it or hide it
Yeah I would also love it, if one could hide the Inbox!
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