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reverse sort order
I've just imported quite a long task list from gtasks which were sorted by date added. For some reason they're now in the reverse order, so some way to toggle ascending/descending order would be great.
Tks for your feedback.

Currently, this feature is not available. We may take it into further consideration.
I think reverse sorting mode feature isn't so difficult to set up in the program code, so can you do it faster? It is very important.
Hi TickTick team,

this question is also important for me as I miss it in Todoist as well. I'd not switch to TickTick if the toggle of date sorting is not there. Is there any progress in this direction? - Thanks for considering!
Hello Thomas,

Do you want to reverse order for all the existing tasks (the oldest shows at the top and the latest shows at the bottom), or you meant when adding tasks, it goes like 1234 instead of 4321?
Hi Lexi,

thanks for your reply! What I would like is a possibility to toggle between the orders "oldest to most recent" and "most recent to oldest", from top to bottom, respectively. I'd appreciate if that applies to any view for reviewing tasks (All, Today, etc.), on the web and on Android. This way I have a possibility to see recent tasks without the awkward necessity to scroll down my 300+ tasks.
+1 Exactly what Thomas said (although option to inverse sort by things other than date would be great!).

I am using the Master Your Now (MYN) system by Linenberger and the only things stopping me from subscribing to TickTick is inverse date sorting which MYN relies on HEAVILY. I bet you could even get a recommendation on his blog if you implemented this.
Amazing that such a simple and useful feature waits so long to be implemented.
For me is "Today" view practically pointless because of this silly sorting order. And it has such a prominent position in the user interface. Odd.
To see today topics I go to calendar.
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