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Feature requests
I really like Tick Tick but there are a few feature I am missing before I make the jump from Toodledo.
1. Make it posible for task to reoccur after completion not only after due date.
2. When a task contains a note a badge should make it easy to see that the task has a note
3. Turn emails into task. (Need this for my work email. Really important)
4. Better use of the big screen on tablets

Hopefully these features are in the works. :-)
I too like to have #3 above. A couple of options...
- Have a plugin for gmail so that we can convert a mail message to task. (boomerang does this to some level today)
- Similar to EverNote, we should be able to forward a mail to ticktick with hashtags (Task list, priority, due date etc.)

Thanks for the good work as always.

TickTick has the gmail plugin and you can download from the chrome store:

After downloading the chrome extension, you can easily convert a gmail email into a task within TickTick and we will work out the feature of 'forward a email to TickTick to create a task' later.
This is not about Gmail. At work we use Microsoft exchange and it should be possible to automatically convert emails into tasks by sending them to a specific email address.
When a task is created, it should be date & time stamped. It gives an idea of time taken to complete the task. Also, recurring tasks should be visible a few specified (user selected) days before the due date, presently a recurring task set to recur yearly, appears almost an year ahead of the due date once the present instance is completed.

I really enjoy using Tick Tick, it is so cool!
Thanks for producing a good product. Our family uses it alot. A feature we would like to see is the ability to create separate desktop icons for individual lists. All that I see now is a single icon that takes me to the main list.
All good suggestions! I especially like number 1--it's something I miss from Astrid. Also, if lists are shared, it would be nice to be able to assign responsibility of a task to one or more of the viewers.
Great product! App needs security PIN number capability on mobile devices to prevent unwanted access. (Also, need search function for HELP)
It would be great if the snooze could have different delays, instead of only 15 minutes.
After a few cups of Astrid and Any.Do I find tictick very nice.
But I'm missing astrid excellent Google task integration. it's important because of the calendar integration.

In addition to 15 mins, you can click the middle of the pop-up to enter the task detail page where you can find the '1h' option as well. And we may consider to offer more snooze options.

Now, TickTick has the 'lock pattern' to prevent unwanted access. You can use this instead. Slide the screen to the right and click the 'gear' icon to choose more, then, you can draw a pattern to lock your app.
I like TickTick. It would be great though, to have the following features:
- Dark theme!!
- Two line task display
- More possibility in priority ( at least High, medium, low )
Once again, thank you for the great app. I have been comparing some other tasks app that I used earlier (, rememberthemilk, todoist etc.) and found ticktick to be simple and do certain things very well. For eg. checklists and recurring tasks. I have a few requests/irritations to be addressed though...
- Can we select the recurring task dates on a calendar? Sometimes, i don't have a predictable pattern for the recurrence and the ability to choose multiple dates from the calendar would help.
- Improve the readability of tasks list by displaying dates as today, tomorrow on Android widget (similar to chrome extension or todoist widget). This works when the overdue items are on top and not very intuitive otherwise. I prefer to keep overdue items last and didn't find an easy way to achieve this.
- Need the ability to create a task in a specific list in both Chrome extension and Android app. Task defaults to "inbox" if my display is set to inbox.
- Would like to see an updated chrome extension where the list is a little more legible (for eg. todoist). Though colorcode on the left indicates which list the task belongs to, its a little difficult to read.

Thanks for all your suggestions. We really appreciate your time and contribution.

We will note them down for further consideration.

How do I get Tick Tick for Gmail working? I have the extension, but it's not in gmail.
If you have installed TickTick extension, you will see the 'Add to TickTick' button when opening an email.
It would be really great if there was a record of notes. What I mean with this is you add a note click save/add and the note is added to your task with date/time. This feature would add much more functionality to the app. In other words you can add numerous notes to one task for better organization and tracking.
Is there a setting as mentioned above to indicate how far in advance of due date a recurring task should appear? What I'm finding right now is the next instance immediately appears after completing the current one regardless of how far in the future it may be.

The feature you mentioned above currently is not available and there is no option to set it.

We will note it down for further evaluation.
That would be great, gtasks does this now, thanks!
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