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"Add To TickTick" Email Button Missing
In my Gmail the "Add To TickTick" button is missing. I uninstalled the extension and then reinstalled it. I closed and then re-opened Gmail. Nothing. It's gone. If I open an email in its own window then the button is there! But the link it puts at the bottom of the TickTick task after I do that does not work. It opens an empty window. Is this a bug with the "new" Chrome (the one with the app icon and no more black bar?).
We are unable to reproduce this issue at our side. Would you please tell us more specifically about your operation procedure so that we can have a further look?
Actually, it's back now. I have no idea what happened or why. I don't know what I did differently. My operation procedure was pretty straight forward - I would open Gmail and when I would select an email and it would open (not in a new window or anything, just on the main screen) and the button was not there. If I opened the email into its own window from there it would have the button. Weird. I'll let you know if it happens again.
Hello I have the same problem. The button does nor show up in the Inbox view (regardless if it is the new automatic one or "show all"). only when i open a mail in a new "layer" within gmail the button appear. The new "layer" is much smaller than my full screen Gmail on my 24" full HD monitor btw. So it seems not a problem of missing space for the button in the menu bar.

Tks for the feedback.

We will have a look at this issue soon.
any update on this ?

Since we still unable to reproduce this issue at our side, we are unable to find the solution right now. Sorry for the delay. We will try to look into this issue again.
I am having the same problem, and noticed that the button does not appear when the preview pane lab is turned on. When I turn the preview pane off the button appears. Can you try to reproduce the problem with preview pane? Is it a limitation or just a problem with my setup?

Thanks for the info.

We will have a further look.
An update about this issue:

We will fix this when releasing the next extension version.
when will that be?

It has already been released. The latest extension version is 0.3.11. Please check whether yours is latest version. After upgrading, please log out gmail first and log in again for another try.
I have a similar problem - I have 2 Google Accounts - one is for work and one is personal. The Gmail account for work is a business account through my company and the add to ticktick button is there but it is not on my personal account - any suggestions?

Did you also sign in your personal account on Chrome Extension?
I am having the same problem as other posters in this thread. The add to ticktick button only appears if I launch a message into it's own popup window. No button appears when using the Gmail Preview Pane feature from Gmail Labs.
Hi there,

I seem to be having a more severe version of this issue. My Add to button doesn't show anywhere in my Gmail account, even when an email is opened in a separate window.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app seems to be a temporary fix, though this is the second time that I am having this problem. And as you can imagine, applying this fix is a pain in the rear.

Kindly advise.
I applied my fix yesterday, and all was going well until I opened up my Gmail this morning. The Add to Tick Tick button now only shows up when I open an email in a seperate window.
I have a same problem!
Is it hard to fix it?
Hi, Junji Sawada,

We've fixed this issue earlier.

Could you please specify your problem again? You just said that you have a same problem, which is too vague to undertand. Can you see the "Add to TickTick" button either within the gmail window or in a seperate window?

Meanwhile, please confirm whether your TickTick extension is the latest 0.5.1.
I just uninstalled and re-installed the latest Tick Tick extension and App for Chrome, but still I have the same issue. In Gmail I can choose to display the inbox with No Split, Vertical Split, or Horizontal Split. The "Add to Tick Tick" button only appears if I choose No Split.

The "add to Tick Tick" button is super handy, by the way. Thanks for adding it.
Hi Madeleine,

Thank you for your feedback;-)

I admit that just as you mentioned at present "Add to Tick Tick" button doesn't display in Vertical Split and Horizontal Split. Actually, we have already noticed that and we do plan to make some improvements in it. It has already been in our consideration list, so it is just a matter of time.

I feel regret if it causes any inconveniences to you.
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