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Hello there!

Is there an API for TickTick? :S

We have opened API for TickTick Android application and will consider to open API for Web in the future.
Any movement on this? It would make TickTick a top tier product if you published an open API for the web (and thus for desktop apps).
Just adding my voice to the choir... an API would be nice!
Yes pleasee!!
An API will be much appreciated.
Thx for your feedback. We've noted it down for reference.
i wait! good job till now
I wish there was an API as well. It'd be a very compelling reason for a pro account
Any movement on this?
Hi, Evan Edwards,

I've replied you in another thread.

I'm fairly keen for a web API (ideally also with web hooks for certain events; such as completing a task) for this - I use TickTick for my todo lists, but I'd love to integrate it with Habitica (formerly known as HabitRPG) to trigger rewards in the latter (which already offers an open API) when completing tasks in the former.
Agreed. Something as simple as a RESTful API using JSON allowing simple GET calls would be useful and would encourage more pro memberships. Of course, full CRUD functionality would be even nicer.
Web API will help to integrate TickTick with messengers. (e.g. Telegram). Simplify flow of working with tasks. Vote for it.
+1 on this. Also there are many threads asking for this including the one with the most upvotes:
I also posted a message listing many such topics. We have a better chance of success if we group it all in one thread!

In the thread mentioned, Ticktick Dev Carol wrote:
" Have been planning to provide open API in the dev team. No ETA yet but stay tuned."

At least, allowing LIST operations would be a minimum. (list Lists, Tags, and Smart lists)
And, at least, for premium users.
This would be a good MVP.

For creation, we can always send an email (for now).

And, if that's the issue, TickTick wouldn't lose ownership of service.
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