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Default view: Today
Here's a feature request to make TickTick even faster/cleaner. I always, always use the "Today" view. It's great. I never use the "Inbox" view--though of course other people do, I'm sure. Now, any time I have reminders that have not been addressed, they sit in the status bar of the Android phone. If I "pull down the window shade" to see alerts, there they are, and by clicking one of them I am sent into TickTick, into a bit of a "detail view" of that task to which the reminder applies. I have three main options at that point:

1) Tap the checkbox (upper left) to complete the task.
2) Tap the "15 minute" snooze button on the lower left.
3) Tap the "1 hour" snooze button on the lower right.

If I tap the checkbox to complete the task, I *believe* I still have to tap the left-arrow right next to it to SAVE that completion. I always do, just to be safe. This takes me to the INBOX view. I don't like the Inbox and I always want the TODAY view, so then I have to tap around some more to get to Today.

It would be great if I could set a preference such that I'll always be returned by default to the Today view, not Inbox view.

BONUS (ha ha): it might also be nice if there was a bigger button to COMPLETE the task in the above-described screen. Sometimes, such as when "on the go," it's a little hard to tap in that little tiny checkbox when coming in from an open reminder. The two snooze buttons at the bottom of the screen are easy/big to hit, but the little checkbox can, on some occasions, require a little more focus and aim than I would like.
Hi, Tks for the info.

I've totally got your point. We will have a further look later.
Super, thanks. And come to think of it, I've noticed that actually this is a broader "request" -- almost ALL interaction with TickTick always takes me back to the "Inbox" view. That's really the "home screen" for almost all interaction, not just the interaction I described above. Would be great to make TODAY view be the home view, always using that instead (by preference).
I use gtasks and tried tick tick today, but going back to the inbox view every time is too much....went back to using gtasks .....I hope you one day set up some kind of default for those of us that find the inbox a PITA! thanks
I have about 20 different lists but mostly use my To Do list. I only assign due dates to tasks in my to Do lists. My other lists are just shopping list, or wish lists. Is it possible for me to set my tick tick to always open up to my TO do list and not the ALL?

I think you can edit shopping lists and wish lists,set them 'Not show in all'.I hope this can help you.
Any progress on this by chance?
Would be great to be able to set our own "default landing view (which list)" of which list we see when we open each time, in the settings. - Tnx. still loving TT.
I'm following up on this request, as I too would prefer to open the app to the TODAY list as default.
I would also love this feature. I absolutely love this app and boast about it to everyone person I know but that feature would put it at the top of its field.

P.s. More color options would be awesome too!
+1, I would also like a choice of default view.
+1 this would be a great feature
+1 to have the ability to make 'Today' the default view
+1 on using 'Today' as the default view. I use 'Inbox' only once at the end of the day to sort the newly added tasks I added over the day.

Here is how to get Today as default view: Tap and hold on your android home screen and go to Widgets, then scroll to TickTick, then add a "TickTick shortcut" widget. This adds a TickTick icon to your screen where you can define that it leads you directly e.g. to the Today view.

It should be easier and less hidden to get Today as default view though to make it even more accessible and an even more popular product.
+1 to have the ability to make 'Today' the default view
I would also prefer "Today" as the default view. How do you use the Inbox-list you guys that prefer it? I am maybe missing something?
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