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Reminder Notification - Not Silent/Vibrate
I don't think this did this before the latest update, but my phone goes into Vibrate mode when I arrive at my office early in the morning, but TickTick still makes a sound at the default 9:00 am reminder time. I can't find a setting to turn this off. I thought that setting the phone to vibrate would turn off the sound for TickTick? Thanks.
Normally, if you set your phone as vibrate, the reminder will not sound as well. We also have a try just now at our side and it does work as desired.

You can also slide the screen to the right and click the 'gear' icon to enter Settings>Reminder>Ringtone to choose silent or none for double insurance.
I’m using the Daily Alert feature, but can’t turn off the audible alert, and the instructions above don’t work for me. In my iPhone notifications for TickTick, I selected alerts, badge app icon is on, but “sounds” off. But it still makes a (very annoying) alarm sound. Is there any way to either turn it off or change the sound? Thanks!
i am using galaxy J6+ and an alarm icon is always showing in status bar. i don't want to keep this as previously i used galaxy grand 2 and i din't face this problem. is there any solution?

Have you enabled the alert mode via Settings — Sounds & Notifications — Alert Mode?
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