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Gtasks VS ticktick
Are you planning on Implementing features for GTasks? i miss: theme, batch add or quick add (hard to add many items to my shopping list). chooseble snooze (snooze may more alternatives) Shortcut (so you can use it with other apps like Nova)
Are you planning any of this?

If not, are you planning on continue GTasks? ticktick now have alot of cool features GTasks dont have.

Btw, I tried a different todo manager ( for 3 days, and they cant compare themself to you! I tried almost all of the todos out there, your app are definitly the best
tks for the feedback.

GTasks will be continually maintained but we will focus more on TickTick. TickTick is quite new now and therefore, we are working on the key to-do features first. As to those valued-added features such as theme, shortcut, we will consider later.
Okey thanks :-)
I am confused with your comment about providing more support to ticktick app. Because, I have paid for the Gtask premium version and getting less for the buck than this app. What's going on?
TickTick and GTasks are independent from each other though they are both to-do applications.

TickTick is our newly launched app and therefore, we have to focus more on its growth. But GTasks will be still maintained and this won't affect your use of the GTasks premium version. You still have full access to those premium features.
Thank you very much for your help. Will you have have premium version as I find ticktick more useful?
TickTick Pro is subscription-based service and you can subscribe to pro monthly or yearly.
Is there a feature comparison chart between ticktick and gtasks?
I like Gtasks, my main issue is sometimes the desktop browser-based page will not sync (Chrome). Is TickTock any better in it's sync systems, or is it the same back end with a shiny new GUI on top?

Also, can you post clear instructions on how to import my GTasks list into TickTock and *retain my categories*? I have things setup fairly well in GTasks for GTD, and I'd like to move everything one time and keep all of the tasks in the right categories. Until I can do that, I'll stay with GTasks.
Importing tasks from GTasks into TickTick will retain the categories you set.
Thank you. And the instructions for importing from GTasks to TickTock are located where? I've search the site as best I can, but I don't see anything, nor any menu options that indicate how to do it in the app...
Hi, there is no instructions because it is quite easy if GTasks has been installed in your phone.

Open TickTick, slide the screen to the right, click the 'gear icon' to enter settings>More and choose 'Import GTasks'. Hope this can help you.
OK thank you the GTasks Import worked well, will now investigate TIckTock more, thank you!
I just read your note regarding synching with GTasks. It works great. But your comment that instructions are not needed is not correct.
There is no way to know where that synching button is unless you go through every possible menu command. It's not intuitive. Gear / MORE? That's OK, but instructions are most definitely needed.
And yes I'm a big fan of Gtasks, but TickTick does seem to be a much more comprehensive management tool. Thanks for building it! I look forward to instructions on how to use this race car.
Don't get rid of GTasks just's the only way to transfer your old Google Tasks to TickTick in one step. Synch GTasks with Google Tasks one last time, then import the tasks into TickTick, and say goodbye to Gtasks and Google Tasks forever.....

Wouldn't it be nice if TickTick could synch with Gtasks? Then we could still have all our tasks on Google Calendar too!

TickTick does have a nice Google Calendar plug in feature that puts "Add to TickTick" on the right click menu. Any Google Calendar or Google Task item can be added to Tick Tick. And if you delete that calendar item on Google Calendar, and do an IMPORT CALENDAR, it all updates nicely.So there are many ways to get stuff into TickTick. But TickTick doesn't yet talk to Google Calendar or Google Tasks.What you put into TickTick stays in TickTick..not a big loss.

The TickTick web app on Chrome is way better than Google tasks. So, sometimes you have to leave the old Hundai to move up to Lexus.

If I already imported all gtask (google tasks) to ticktick and then I used again gtask and now I want again to use ticktick and want to import again the gtasks to ticktick and update the old tasks in ticktick from gtasks, what will happen now, it will be a duplication on ticktick and the deleted and completed tasks in gtasks will be deleted and completed also on ticktick or old data not updated yet under ticktick will be the same.
Thank you.
and hope you can find a way to sync the gtasks with ticktick at least data created in gtasks and google tasks, can be flagged in ticktick that are coming from gtasks and will be synchronized automatically.
Thank you
the ability to make subtasks in Gtasks Premium suddenly disappeared. AND Subtasks in Google aks no longer sync with Gtasks. Did you take a feature from Gtasks and add it to TockTick?
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