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How to make Sub-Folders
Is there a way to create sub folders on Android, Chrome extension, or Web?
Currently, this feature is not available. We may take it into consideration.
Ahh, thank you. That would be great!
yes - please do this - otherwise my lists get impossible to manage ....
Any update on the subfolder issue?
This feature is still in our waiting list. Once there is any update, we will post announcement here.
We are waiting.

We need folders and all sub folder you need
(...of Sub folder of sub folder of folder).

Then, Tick tick can be great!
yes please add this feature! looking at 15+ non-related lists in the same panel is very distracting!

Sorry but still in our waiting list, we have to weigh it carefully and then arrange our schedule for it. We'll let you know if there's any update.
for the moment, using tags
+1 for subfolders
Any update on the subfolder issue?
sub folder +1!

This feature will be considered seriously in the first half of this year. I can't promise you more. Well, I would like to back to you if any news is available.
Another +1 for subfolders!
+1 For subfolders from me, too. Right now it's one of the very few things ToDoist has over ticktick for me, and I'd really like to switch over to TickTick without feeling a loss in organization/efficiency. :)
Hi Alexys Baxter,

Thank you for your support, and hope you can enjoy TickTick:)

+1 for subfolders
+1 again!!
Sub folders please!!!
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