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Multiple lists for the same task
Is there any way to assign the same task to multiple lists? This was a very useful feature in Astrid for collaboration. It prevents having to add it multiple times, and if one person completes it, it is checked off for all.

This feature is temporarily not available. We may take it into consideration later.
It's realy needed feature. I hope it will be done soon.
1+ for assigning more than 1 list to a task (ie, tags)
If this feature is added then I can use this, but having multiple lists (as I work with different people and sometimes tasks overlap) is very important.
+1 for using lists as tags and being able to apply multiple tags to an item. I miss this from Astrid.
I'm putting in a plug for tags. I've come to the view that it is by far the best way to organise an effective to-do list - bigger lists, but able to be shuffled by project if necessary, with the essential feature, which you have and many others do not, of being able to sort them according to my priorities, and according to their importance in relation to one another. When you put in tags, along with being able to move and put a date on tasks in a sub list, I will go pro.
+1 to this.
+1. super useful feature.
+1 to this
+100 we really need this feature
I understand that you can share the list with multiple people, but it is not the same as I am requesting. If there is the ability for multiple lists for a single task, you can selectively share individual tasks with multiple people, not the entire list. I some cases, I don't want the whole list, just one, or a few, of the tasks shared on multiple lists. It speeds up editing and delegation to support multiple lists. I know that is a big feature coming from Astrid, that is missing. Please reconsider this feature.
Hi Joyce, What is the status of this feature request?

We are now working on the 'attachment' feature, which is really challenging & time-consuming. Once we finish it, the 'tags' feature will be put on the agenda.
Low on my list of upgrades I'd like to see, but +1, it would be a nice feature. Top upgrades I'd like to see is 1. Nested subtasks 2. Sort tags by date 3. Ability to filter multiple tags.
I see this was requested in 2013 (ability to add tasks to multiple lists). Has it been implemented? tx
+1. I need this feature
+1 (really? This topic is being discussed since 2013 already?)
Sounds like a killer feature, lists not being simple lists but rather can be added to tasks like Tags. +1
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